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  3. Would you have preferred the bridal VG over this legendary and OC VG?

User Info: Huff n puff 20

Huff n puff 20
10 months ago#21
Yes because Salt mine to the extreme.
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User Info: RMysterio

10 months ago#22
Well the only thing the bridal banner has for me over the current format is that I can lv 1 cheese with Marth.

With this banner I can actually support a unit I like!

User Info: 900cam

10 months ago#23
Man the comments really mismatch with the poll so far

User Info: ConstanzaShiggy

10 months ago#24
f*** no, I like this so much better. I'm glad this is a curve ball than predictable zero thought waifu vs waifu rerun number 3,001.

User Info: Crispy_Chikin

10 months ago#25
OCs and Ike...? Que paso?

User Info: poopadoop

10 months ago#26
Zinie95 posted...
Nah, now we can witness Ike curbstomp again. Legendary thotslayer is gonna slay hard.

Oh great not this again
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User Info: Sentinel07

10 months ago#27
No, I actually like that they actually picked a more unique theme rather than some predictable like throwing all the brides together.

User Info: futuresight23

10 months ago#28
CortanaTheAI posted...
Maximum Taco posted...
CortanaTheAI posted...
Ike will likely win unless multiplier shenanigans are turned up to max power

I didn't know who would win the theoretical bridal voting gauntlet and that alone makes it better

Really? Definitely feel like Tharja would've curbstomped the competition just as much as Ike is gonna in this VG.

Nah I don't believe that and here is why, first, Ike has already shown that he can power through the multipliers, in tharja's case even though she has 2 vg wins she also has succumbed to the multipliers several times. Second in terms of actual buzz she had competition, Marth was the sole Male so he was generating the usual memes, Ninian had literally a flood of artwork posted on the internet and she was probably just as desired as tharja and Sanaki was the salt choice and were not even counting of there are any loyal bridelia followers since she used to be busted and she was a popular character. With that being said, sure tharja could've still very well one but I'd easily bet on tharja losing a bridal gauntlet than Ike losing this one.

That isn't even including the fact that Lyn would have been in this gauntlet. Tharja winning a bridal gauntlet wouldn't have been a forgone conclusion, or even a favored outcome.

In Ike's case, it feels like this gauntlet is him versus the Feather Mercenaries. If it weren't for multiplier shenanigans, Ike vs the field would feel like Lebron James versus the Lebronto Raptors. There is no one that can match his popularity and he is just as available as any unit in the gauntlet.

User Info: HackedDragonite

10 months ago#29
I'd rather see Ike win than Tharja.

User Info: Tijkova

10 months ago#30
I don’t think the community could handle a literal waifu war.
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