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User Info: P-of-the-Forge

5 months ago#1
Check your notifications. They look like child brides.

Why did they use the injured art?
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User Info: ZedTommo

5 months ago#2

User Info: CortanaTheAI

5 months ago#3
Think the one on the left might be Elise if that thing in the air is a pigtail
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User Info: Tyrueski

5 months ago#4
ZedTommo posted...

In game notifications....
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User Info: StellaLunaris

5 months ago#5
Hmmm, I'm concerned that the one on the left is Ninian (I neeeeeeeed a pairing for my Valiwood and I don't wanna piddle away orbs), but her waist looks too narrow. Like, dragon-needs-a-sandwich narrow.
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User Info: SoulStealer2684

5 months ago#6
Left side is Faye. Right side kind of looks like Beruka but there's no way.
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User Info: NintendoLover25

5 months ago#7
Don't see the strand of hair sticking up, so no Nowi. Oh well, even if she's not on here at least that means I can save orbs for her Witch form this Halloween for merges.

User Info: qrqwqrqrq

5 months ago#8
Looks like Maribelly on the left because

1) FEH said new hero

2) The one of the left has "Drill" hair
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User Info: the_crow13

5 months ago#9
Damn IS promoting child marriage :( these girls can’t consent stahp

SoulStealer2684 posted...
Left side is Faye. Right side kind of looks like Beruka but there's no way.

Hah! Imagine her quotes complaining about how she’s marrying somebody who isn’t Alm
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User Info: Crispy_Chikin

5 months ago#10
The one on the right has to be Maria. :/ If so, great!
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  3. New banner tease is up!

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