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User Info: Arthellinus

8 months ago#1
I am interested in some community data.

I have set up an Arena meta spreadsheet and I would like to populate it with people from this board. This is the info I'm looking for:

Minimum 16 because you can jump multiple tiers below 16, and you're likely a newer player. In-between values such as 18.5 or 19.5, based on self-evaluation, are acceptable.

Core Units
Simply list the three units (no bonus) that constitute your Arena core. I don't care about rarity or merge level. In my view, that's pretty much baked into your tier. My only condition is for teams with three unique core units.

This is all I need from you. Once I have enough inputs, I will output the following analytics:

Unit Data
Which units are used, how popular they are, and the "Tier Rating" and "Metascore" for each unit. Tier Rating is essentially an average reflecting tier presence, while Metascore (a number out of 100) is more about the unit's prevalence across all players in the database (so availability is a significant factor here). I've defined these values as the following:

Tier Rating = Sum of Tiers for All Users / Number of Users

Metascore = Sum of Tiers for All Users / Number of Players * 5 (= 100 if every player uses this unit and is at Tier 20)

Example: If 4/11 people use Nowi, and their tiers are 17, 18, 18, and 20, Nowi's Tier Rating would be (17+18+18+20)/4 = 18.25, and her Metascore would be (17+18+18+20)/11 * 5 = 33.18.

So, a unit like W!Tharja would probably have a high Tier Rating but a relatively lower Metascore compared to most other units with similar Tier Ratings.

Tier Data
How many people are in each tier.

Shall we give it a try? Just post a reply in good faith and I will add your info to the spreadsheet. Once I hit 50 people (including myself), I'll publish the spreadsheet and continue to update it as more people contribute. (I'm not sure how interesting it will be with a smaller population.)

If for some reason you don't want to disclose publicly, you can PM me and supply a pseudonym for the spreadsheet if you still want to participate.

User Info: Dark Young Link

Dark Young Link
8 months ago#2

Oh Tier 18.5/19.5 I'm not quite sure where I'm at for the time being.

User Info: ShinigamiMiroku

8 months ago#3
My T19 staple is Fjorm/Marth/Serra/bonus, but I got into T20 last week using Camus/L!Ike/Gunnthra/+10 Fae.
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User Info: qrqwqrqrq

8 months ago#4
My simple core for the longest time was

Bonus Unit (lead)
Inigo (Gronnraven Build)
Bravelyn (Double Savage Blow)

Of course if the bonus unit I'm using is a horse for example, Id run horse emblem.
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User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

8 months ago#5
I'm 19-20, can sometimes stay in 20.

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User Info: JCoconut

8 months ago#6
I think that's not how it works. Tiers are not given in a elo system like chess or whatever. When a tier 20 person uses a unit, it does not magically become better. It's also quite possible that some units are actual garbage in tier 17, but not in tier 20. Stuff like Zelgius with double rally, Aether and Distant counter.

Tier system for units are always a tradeoff. But in Fire emblem heroes, they are not necessary. We have 5 stats and sometimes a prf to compare, and only 2 stats matter. Every unit and every comparison can be made in your head in 3 seconds, much faster than looking up any tier list.

User Info: D412kKn16h7

8 months ago#7
Tier 19.5, barely missing the cutoff to stay in Tier 20.

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User Info: Ramesses2

8 months ago#8
Established in Tier 20
Currently using:
-Soleil / B!Lucina (depending on bonus unit, Soleil is at +10 so I use her if I can use a good blue or green bonus)

User Info: RenamonFOX

8 months ago#9
I'm down with data collection!

Tier 20

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User Info: blasster

8 months ago#10
I'm a bit skeptical, but doesn't hurt to give it a try.

Tier 19.5 usually, admittedly can fall to tier 18 at times.

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