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User Info: Linfan

9 months ago#121
So, I just dropped 50 orbs on the legendary banner and got all three of the colorless units! Going by my own hoarding rules I could still use another 100 orbs, but I think I'll stop. Genny and FRobin were my main goals anyway.
Sitting at 180 orbs now. I'll do the quests later and update my orb count again at the end of the week.

Also, good luck to anyone who's pulling on the banner!

User Info: saturn_frogurt

9 months ago#122
YES I got both Eirika and Henry!

Lackluster natures (+def -res and +def -hp) but it could be worse.

Down to a single orb now though. :/
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User Info: progamer2290

9 months ago#123
I just spent on Lyn but didn’t use too much!

So my updated orb count is 326 and I’m saving for the same Characters as before CYL2, OG Lyn, Bridal Lyn, and OG Ephraim!
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User Info: NoviceTenchi

9 months ago#124
I got Inigo on my free pull! I'm satisfied, first 5* free pull in a while, I think my last one was Takumi months ago.
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User Info: SugarFlakes

9 months ago#125
Hey guys...remember when I joined I said my first goal was Halloween Henry?

Guess who pulled Halloween Henry? I'm so happy. I was really disappointed when I missed him on the Halloween banner. This is awesome. If anything, this thread helped me managed my orb usage better. I may not save up to high numbers, but I know when to use them instead of just randomly wasting them. Thank you guys so much. I could hug each and every one of you right now lol. Let me stop.

I'm going to do the quest and pull on the last day of the banner. I might go for Halloween Jakob or PA Shigure. Or maybe another Halloween Henry. I still can't get over this xD
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User Info: saturn_frogurt

9 months ago#126
I also pulled a +atk -def Lucius and +spd -hp MMorgan so I'm definitely pleased lol
- Swap God for a janitor, rot in a jar of dog paws -
Put a pinch of sage in your boots, and all day long a spicy scent is your reward.

User Info: uberking422

9 months ago#127
Been hoarding orbs for the legendary banner. Pulled Lyn on my free draw, then got Lephraim during my third pull. Currently sitting at 96, kind of want Legendary Robin but will probably save my orbs for now, waiting for CYL2 or another event banner.

User Info: catchthemouser

9 months ago#128
Hope everyone's getting good luck on the legendary banner! I want Ephraim and Micaiah, but I have to pass for now. I need as many orbs as I can gather for NY!Azura. Besides I have some backwards-ass luck with legendary banner so I'll end up with just Shigures. No blues showed up in my free session so I picked colorless and my free summon was Klein, so I'm pretty happy.

Currently at 561 orbs. Holding out for NY!Azura, but if Alm, Ephraim, or Myrrh become a focus, I'll set aside some orbs for them.

User Info: CJwat11

9 months ago#129
Yay I’m back up to 263 after spending a few on the Legendary. The armor units are tempting but I’m looking forward to the May seasonal!
For every bad summon I have in FEH, Raigh dies.

User Info: pokemon-fan

9 months ago#130
sitting at a solid 6 now for the next legendary banner
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