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User Info: Whistle

9 months ago#1
how did you do yours ? let me know
dont talk about GC, mine is bloody rip
Did infernal with vlyn/w!chorm/tharja/zelgius
Zelgius is just there for buff. Use tharja to bait the green cav and the mage on the left side. Then use the bridge to rotate them around. Kill saias with vlyn. Then use swap to match the color and kill the rest of minions. Pretty ez tbh.
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User Info: Deej

9 months ago#2
The scary Tactics-buffed horse got Panic Ployed. I wasn't dealing with that nonsense otherwise.
Hey, everyone, what's going on in this topic? Oh.

User Info: ImaginBreaker

9 months ago#3
My usual flier team. Summer Corrin, Spring Camilla, NY Azura, and Caeda. Cleared the infernal on the first try.
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User Info: pokemon-fan

9 months ago#4
so far i've been struggling bc of the green tome horse, can't finish the infernal map yet

User Info: lethe7580

9 months ago#5
NY Azura, H!Nowi, Summer Corrin, Myrrh

Airzura can double Saias lol.

User Info: MadDogRaid

9 months ago#6
Zelgius Hardin Vector Grima

That Glacies hurts like s***. DD5 Grima with +10 Fortify+Ward Armor and +1 from Zelgius still lost 3/4 of his health LMAO

User Info: Nosydew

9 months ago#7
Hey everyone we should have a long and very in depth talk about the GC!

Anyway I did it with the following

Selena, axezura, myrrh, Elise.

Started by moving Selena in range of the green mage and sword unit. Selena survives the green mage and kills the sword unit on the counter. Next turn we move back so she's out of range of saias. Next turn I moved her in and dance her to kill him. Then the blue armor and archer suicide on her.

Elise and myrrh cheered them on from a distance.
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User Info: YukiWTG

9 months ago#8
I did it with a team consisting of +10 Nino, +9 Eirika, Olivia and Azura. Eirika initially baited both horses on the left side with a combination of TA3, Swordbreaker 3 and the Close Defense 3 seal, after that Nino just picked them off one after another without any trouble. The Eirika merges might not be necessary though, given that mine is -Def.
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User Info: Quercus_sapiens

9 months ago#9
Apparently unoriginal, used flyers. Palla tanked the bladetome cav and sword cav, then galeforce cherche mopped up everyone with airzura to dance and summer Corrin taking the sword wyvern.

User Info: Izzy1020

9 months ago#10
M!Grima, V!Lyn, BK and Inigo

Had BK weaken the Sword Cavalier and kill the Green Mage due to charged Black Luna.
Has to have a speed buff though. Was placed on the Tree tile

Then just baited Saias, weakened him to 1 HP with Grima, and danced Grima to finish him. Grima also proceeded to tank the Sword Flier and Archer.

Lance Armor was picked off by Lyn and Inigo from a range.
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