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  3. Free pull from the Chrom & Lissa BHB banner?

User Info: kkkkkau

1 year ago#1
3* Palla
Excellent, a Moonbow fodder

User Info: BasementDude

1 year ago#2
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User Info: Tables

1 year ago#3
4* Florina. So pretty mediocre fodder and not easily usable as a unit, about what I've come to expect from my free pulls.
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User Info: Thunder_Lord

1 year ago#4
4* Eliwood.


User Info: SugarFlakes

1 year ago#5
Same as you TC.
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User Info: Petragen

1 year ago#6
SugarFlakes posted...
Same as you TC.

User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

1 year ago#7
5 star Chrom, -ATK +RES though. Aether fodder.

I actually kinda want to build a Chrom, despite having a good boon/bane of every other Falchion user, but I want a +ATK Chrom (without -DEF) for that.
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User Info: MRsleepyhead

1 year ago#8
Gerome's mom 4*
Sandymang 9151454335 ->spring lucina

User Info: crazy_toon_69

1 year ago#9
5* M.Robin -attack +defence so pretty useless but good for a confession.
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User Info: TraineeShanna

1 year ago#10
I didn't know what to pull so I tried green. 3* Frederick, considering the banner it was thematically perfect...
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