Your top five most desired units

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User Info: VectorAgent

6 months ago#1
Mine are:

1. Camus

No contest here. I wasn't playing when he got dropped, and unless I'm mistaken every other GHB has been re-run since I joined (or I've just been around to pick the unit up the first time). I also really like the character in general.

After that, bit harder to say but I'm thinking probably...

2. Performing Shigure
3. Elincia
4. Winter Chrom
5. Winter Tharja

Was not able to get any of the winter units on that banner. Chrom is ahead of Tharja for me here I think largely because he's the only Chrom I'm missing. I randomly got base Chrom off a banner at some time, got Spring Chrom on the first Legendary banner, and happened to YOLO pull the Exalt Chrom on the banner that just came out.

Some other considerations for me include regular Ike (not such a strong desire since I've had Brave Ike since the first CYL banner and Vanguard Ike since we got the free unit), regular Ephraim (was fortunate enough to draw Legendary Ephraim last time around, so again not a huge desire at the moment), and Innes. Other units as well, but those are my top "wants."
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User Info: SugarFlakes

6 months ago#2
1. Halloween Henry
2. PA. Shigure
3. Leo
4. Ryoma
5. Hector fodder.
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User Info: BasementDude

6 months ago#3
Lyn, seriously, like, any lyn that I don’t have
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User Info: CharizardFire

6 months ago#4
My wishlist:

Bride Cordelia

User Info: BipBapBam

6 months ago#5
F Morgan
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User Info: SonofFomortiis

6 months ago#6
1. Precious baby sister Elise
2. Bride Charlotte
3. New Chrom
4. Takumi (for fodder)
5. W!Tharja.

... I am surprised that most of these are women.
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User Info: CortanaTheAI

6 months ago#7
5)a different Winter Lissa

User Info: thesheriff33

6 months ago#8
1. Lute
2. Bunny Lucina
3. Better IV Alm
4. Leo
5. Better IV Halloween Nowi
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User Info: KamiUsagi

6 months ago#9
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User Info: Yankees

6 months ago#10
Legendary Ephraim
Hector (Myrrh needs it)

After that...maybe Fallen Celica or Gunnthra.
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