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User Info: Fenumber1fan

1 year ago#1
Give me a character already in the game (minus OG characters) and I will make them a powercrept CYL type character.

Leo: Sorcerous Sky Rider
Red Mage Flier

Weapon: Dark Brynhildr
Mt: 16
Effect: Immobilizes unit attacked until the next round. Lowers defense and resistance 4 until next round.
(Cannot be inherited)
Support: None
Special: Luna

HP: 36/40/43
Attack: 29/32/35
SPD: 21/24/27
DEF: 22/25/29
RES: 22/25/29

A Slot: Close Def/Res 3
B Slot: Pragmatics - Adjacent units gain 3 to attack (cannot be inherited)
C Slot: Ward Fliers

Two options: Give me a unit, or give me feedback. I’ve never done anything like this before, and want to get better. Please and thank you!

Weapons are going to be kinda tricky, so if you see one recycled from another character don’t feel personally attacked.

User Info: Exalted_Regis

1 year ago#2
You kick my toe and I break your legs.

User Info: Shadow Stalker X

Shadow Stalker X
1 year ago#3
Don't read my sig. You're just wasting your time.

User Info: StellaLunaris

1 year ago#4

Maybe if there was a CYL version I could try to +10 him... =_=
I draw stuff http://www.redpawdesigns.net/ and I'm starting to make stuff. https://society6.com/redpawdesigns
PSN: TheReddfawks

User Info: Lyokogurl44

1 year ago#5
GameFAQS is so salty, even the Roman army would be overpaid.
Stop recommending me Reinhardt. Never gonna use him.

User Info: Westy101

1 year ago#6
I'd give my all to have your warmth inside.
I'd give my life to taste the sweet and salty bliss.

User Info: WitchressOrochi

1 year ago#7

User Info: DreadKaiser

1 year ago#8
Young Tiki

User Info: RyomaOfHoshido

1 year ago#9
14. Do not argue with trolls, it means that they win.

User Info: Eldigan

1 year ago#10
"By Mystletainn!"
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