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  3. Why does everyone fawn over daughter Morgan but nobody talks about the son?

User Info: JCoconut

1 year ago#1
We all know the answer. You don't care about male Morgan because female Morgan is attractive to you and you want to bone her.

Then stop that daughter bulls*** and say it like it is. It was never the case that you were just innocently happy that your daughter finally joined the game. You just need one more head for your waifu harem, and this one waifu has the sick "benefit" that you can call her daughter.

Fine, explain it with father daughter platonic affection in your head and stay a good guy for yourself, but don't expect anyone else to believe this... All those threads are annoying.

What do you think, are those people pretentious or is it just coincidence?

User Info: Executor15

1 year ago#2
If I had to have a kid, I'd rather it be a girl. And isn't F!Morgan kinda sadistic? That's cool
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User Info: guedesbrawl

1 year ago#3
I think F!Morgan is just overall cuter.
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User Info: BipBapBam

1 year ago#4
Everyone played as Male Robin for the waifus so nobody cares about M Morgan.
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User Info: Evil_Evil_Evil_

1 year ago#5
why are you surprised? over half this board is full of horny virgin college/high school neckbeards/weebs.

User Info: catchthemouser

1 year ago#6
M Morgan is the only unit I want in this banner, but I'm not gonna risk pulling Chrom. I don't give a f*** about F Morgan.

Hopefully he'll be demoted. I really wanna +10 him someday.

User Info: Graywolf_d_45th

1 year ago#7
I think a lot of people care about F!Morgan more than M!Morgan because People played as Male Robin more than the female one
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User Info: SonofFomortiis

1 year ago#8
I only got Morgan once in any of all my plays of the game, and only because he looked hilarious with white hair. I don't really care for either Morgan. I wanted Chrom.
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User Info: CJwat11

1 year ago#9
Also how old are they canonically? I haven't played Awakening apart from the demo.
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User Info: Mocorongo

1 year ago#10
@Wanderer2691 :v
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  3. Why does everyone fawn over daughter Morgan but nobody talks about the son?
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