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User Info: Westy101

3 years ago#1
Hello! This is my first time making a guide and it might not be good!
But you don't have an alternative. So too bad you're stuck with me, harharhar.


It's been over a year since FEH has been released to the public and worked on, tons of updates, and content has been building up during the time spent. Players feedback came into play every now and then and this is what we have today. In this guide we will go over, "How to get started and not suck," also things like... "What's skill inheritance?" and even the little corners that not everyone considers which could prove to be of use.

Sticky this! Even if you hate me so you don't have to explain it later!

Time Written
12:49 AM EST
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User Info: Westy101

3 years ago#2
The Good Stuff
-> Home Screen, Basics, Banners, Etc.


"So uh, I am on the home screen. Castle n' all, what do I *do*?"

First off: More likely than not you just obtained orbs. Go to your 'Inbox'(FEH, The Owl) and collect them. Make sure you finished the prologue (Not Chapter 1) to collect all those orbs as well. After this? You have the options of...

A) Testing your luck for good units and reroll till you have an optimal team (Recommended)
-> Clear your data via settings without linking your account once again, and summon off the best banner till you get 3 or more 5* units.
B) Or saving them up for a unit you want
C) Wait for a good banner such as Hero Fest or Legendary Heroes(Banners with increased summoning rates.)

You don't have to actually summon at all to have a decent team!

Yes, that's right! I said it!

You have 3 guaranteed 5* units right off the bat. Granted that is not enough to make a full blown team more likely than not you can make a manageable one and summon a 5* to fill the empty slot.

"Wait? Wtf? How do I do that, Westy? I don't see any 5* anywhere! Shut up!"

OUCH. Well you don't have to be so pushy! It's reeeeaaaaalllll simple. All you have to do is click "Summon" yeah go ahead and do that big boy... or girl? Or whichever you prefer in general.

And what you SHOULD see is this:

Banned Imgur viewers - A banner called 'Brave Heroes' consisting of Ike, Lyn, Roy, and Lucina.

Abridged Version:

Long story short, you can pick any of these four.

"OHHHHHH! That makes sense, but who should I even pick?"

https://i.imgur.com/SBDylh8.png https://i.imgur.com/GbbGikA.jpg

Lyn, pick Lyn.
Alright? Just pick Lyn.

She is easily the best offensive unit on the banner and one of the best ranged units in general able to attack enemies within 5 spaces. Even outside of Cavalry Buffs(AKA horse emblem which benefits off C-exclusive skills) she is an excellent unit to have. Just pick her. See what I mean. Just pick her.

If you wanna pick someone else? By all means go ahead.

"Alright. I picked someone. Where's this 2nd free 5*, hmmm?"

Easy! Go to "Battle" and click "Story", flip the tap from "Book 1" to "Book 2"

And now...
https://i.imgur.com/w34y3eM.png (From @Crispy_Chikin )

Her name is Fjorm, She can attack from a distance and such, I know right? She's reliable against most mage units and all in all a solid blue that you can use.


Enjoy your free 5* Fjorm!
You also obtain a "Water Blessing" which is effective when the blue water symbol appears next to your avatars names and each blessing in the game provides a different variety of buffs. So check your blessings, kay? YOU CANNOT CHANGE WHO YOU GIVE IT TO THOUGH, SO CHOOSE WISELY!!

"OH GREAT AND POWERFUL WESTY! Where's my third free 5*? Where? WHERE?! TELL ME NOW!"

...Ehehehe, about that.
It's not exactly out yet by the time I'm writing this but.

"You sly mot-"

But, but, but, but, buuuuuut!


When he *IS* released, you can likely obtain him from a Story Mission/Paralogue and that is your 3rd free 5*.

"...Whew okay, so what now?"

Do whatever you want!
Magical Westy, to the rescue~ Goal, desu, is to be blocked by all users on GameFAQ, desu. No one will ever, desu. Not block me, desu.

User Info: Westy101

3 years ago#3
"What's New... er features in the game, huh?"


Let me just be clear.

-> Skill Inheritance
Basically you kill off one of your own units to give a skill to someone else.
3* and 4* you shouldn't feel too bad about killing off.

But 5* units? Be wise. You can make some powerful builds with the skills provided by the units. To make your main team even stronger.

Skill Guide: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10J-rzthjb3zfumifp1XqweOtvmrOKSvterfSLx4igqc/edit?usp=sharing
(By @SuperLuigi231 )

->Sacred Coins

You have the ability to forge and upgrade add-on's for your units to increase their stats or give them perks. They aren't TOO important that you must desperately need though. But it is a good upgrade.

Sacred Coins can be earned as a reward in Arena, Arena Assault, Tempest Trials, competing in Voting Gauntlet rounds, or as a reward for certain quests. (Gamepedia)

->Sacred Coin Forge

From here you use "Badges" you obtain from clearing maps from "Training Tower" and "Sacred Coins" of course to create or upgrade Sacred Seals(seals that give you an edge in stats and the like).

The Sacred Seal Forge is a feature introduced in Version 1.8.0 where the player can create and enhance Sacred Seals. Players must first clear Chapter 13: Diabolical Bloodline and the Intermission: A Power Awakens from Book I, in order to access the Sacred Seal Forge under the Advanced Growth menu.

->Weapon Refinery
For starters this can get complicated but I will put it in simplest forms.
Some weapons that you can craft can be obtained by regular units through skill inheritance or are in their base kits. So this is a way to prevent you from having to kill them off, or vice versa make it so you don't have to waste material.

To unlock it? Same method as Sacred Coins.


Materials follow as:
->Arena Medal (Gold Coin)
Can be obtained from Arena obviously, occasionally quest as well. You can grind and go through it a couple times, you usually need around 250-500 to refine a weapon but that's not always the case.

->Refining Stones (Gold Stone)
These are are a rarity to obtain. Truth be told.
They can only be obtained from Quest.

You need both this and Arena Medals to upgrade regular weapons. So be careful, kay?

->Divine Dew (Leaf with sticky gold substance on it)
After you refine a weapon you obtain some of this which allows for you upgrading weapons that are unique to certain characters. Which are usually better than your normal weapons. So refine tons of weapons to get Divine Dew... got it?
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User Info: Westy101

3 years ago#4
Now that the newer features are such are cleared up. Let's talk about the changes IS had made in the game since launch and give you a brief rundown. And summarize most of the stuff talked about.

Ver 1.1.1
Added a new event and a new feature.
Other various system improvements.
Implemented bug fixes.

Ver 1.2.0
Inherit Skill: you can now inherit skills that were previously inherited when using Merge Allies;
New feature: Hero Merit. Merit is earned in battle, and when a character has earned enough, you can get some precious Hero Feathers. NB: duplicate Heroes do share Merit. You get 500 Hero Feathers for each 500 Hero Merit you save up: you can get them by tapping the corresponding character on the Home screen;
Arena: the way scores are handled and matchmaking have been modified;
Arena: tap a Bonus Character to get a description of that character;
Notifications are now displayed only once a day (you can still access them from the notice board in the Castle);
Battles: you can now change the position of units at the start of battle;
Battles: the amount of XP you get for defeating lower level enemies has been adjusted (only applies to ★1 to ★4 Heroes)
Stamina bar now has 99 points (instead of 50)
Story Maps: an icon indicates if there’s new maps available and/or map you’re yet to play;
and more…
Maximum stamina raised from 50 to 99.
Added feature that allows you to swap the position of Heroes at the start of battle.
Adjusted the amount of EXP gained in battle. Heroes with lower rarities (in stars) will receive more EXP from battle.
Adjusted matchmaking conditions in the Arena and made adjustements to how score is calculated after victory.
Introduces additional enhancements to improve the user’s experience and enjoyment.
Bug fixes.

Ver 1.3.0
Arena: revamped Arena, with a new ladder system replacing the current ranking system, allowing you to get orbs as rewards;
Arena: added new types of maps, with terrain effects;
Training tower: adjusted difficulty and maps for Strata 8 and 9;
added bonus for losing Army during Voting Gauntlet events;
added tips to loading screen;
added new sorting options for Heroes;
Changes made to the tier system in the Arena
Added additional maps for the Arena
Adjusted the difficult within the Training Tower
Bug fixes

Ver 1.4.0
Added extra gameplay features and a new event type.
Increased the number of teams the player can create to 8.
Added an “Accept All” button to accept rewards from cleared quests.
Added new options to the Settings menu.
Bug fixes.

Ver 1.5.0
New modes for Story Maps: Chain Challenge, and Squad Assault
adjustments to EXP earning
improvements for the Tempest Trials event
new Hero Sorting Options
new “Complete Purchase” button on Orbs purchase screen
maximum barracks size increased
various other changes, improvements, and fixes.
Chain Challenge and Squad Assault have been added to Story Maps.
Adjustments have been made to some in-game events.
Options for sorting Heroes have been increased.
The Complete Purchase button has been added to the Purchase Orbs screen.
Bug fixes.

Magical Westy, to the rescue~ Goal, desu, is to be blocked by all users on GameFAQ, desu. No one will ever, desu. Not block me, desu.

User Info: Westy101

3 years ago#5
Ver 1.5.1
Fixes glitch impacting Log-in bonuses.
Implemented bug fixes

Ver 1.6.0
Adds a new Arena mode: Arena Assault
adds a Catalog of Heroes
raised the max. Hero Limit
adds improvements to the Training Tower
Arena now gives more EXP and SP
and more…
It is now possible to summon once during new Summoning Events without using Orbs.
The summoning appearance rates for 3-Star and 4-Star Heroes have been adjusted.
Please note this change affects Summoning Events that begin after the update.
The Catalog of Heroes has been added.
A new mode has been added: Arena Assault.
It is now easier to train Heroes in the Arena and Training Tower.

Ver 1.7.0
New Support gameplay feature added.
Added a way to view team names when selecting teams.
Added an option to search for Heroes by skill within Inherit Skill menu.
Added new options to the Settings menu.
Bug fixes.

Ver 1.8.0
Made it easier to identify stages involved in quests.
Can now jump directly to related stages from the quest list.
Now possible to jump to Edit Teams prior to entering a stage.
Bug fixes.

Ver 2.0.0
New skills available at 5 ★ for Heroes using staves
the countdown trigger is reduced by 1 turn for some skills
free barrack extension (+ 100 Heroes)
stamina capped to 10 for Story and Paralogue maps
adds the Weapon Refinery
adds Book II (new main story)
new game icon
Book II has been added to Story Maps.
Added a new feature: Weapon Refinery.
Added new skills for the weapon type Staff.
Adjusted the cooldown for some Special skills.
Expanded the barracks by 100 for all users.

Ver 2.1.0
This update also fixes an issue with weapons that cannot be inherited if they have been refined at the Weapon Refinery (check out this post for more details)
it also adds an option to edit your teams before the battle begins (via a button on the battle details screen)
The limit on Hero Merit has been increased to 4,000.
Additional possibilities await in Sacred Seal Forge and Weapon Refinery.
A new feature to check the battle map before battle has been added.
New maps have been added to the Arena.
Bug fixes.

Ver 2.2.0
Adds the Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon event
adds new Weapon Skills
adds more weapons to refine at the Weapon Refinery
A new event has been added.
The layout of the Battle screen has been updated.
Additional weapon skills have been added.
Additional weapons can be upgraded in Weapon Refinery.
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(edited 3 years ago)

User Info: CherryTsundere

3 years ago#6
Sticky Requested because Westy is besty
You know what you gotta do:

User Info: WandererSpike

3 years ago#7
I interrupt this program to tell you: Selkie is best waifu

User Info: Westy101

3 years ago#8
CherryTsundere posted...
Sticky Requested because Westy is besty

Magical Westy, to the rescue~ Goal, desu, is to be blocked by all users on GameFAQ, desu. No one will ever, desu. Not block me, desu.

User Info: BipBapBam

3 years ago#9
Wow, I was expecting a troll post. Sticky requested.

I'm proud of you Westy.
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User Info: DreadKaiser

3 years ago#10
damn he beat me to it
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