Should I go for the Starter Pack?

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User Info: -Alix-

3 months ago#1
Should I buy the starter pack using my Google Play credit? - Results (72 votes)
Hell yeah- Complete that Armor Emblem!
63.89% (46 votes)
No TC, stay purely F2P!!! Credit or no, it don't matter!
9.72% (7 votes)
Nobody gives a s*** TC, grow up and make your own decisions. (You're a meanie)
26.39% (19 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Here's the thing.

First, I like BK more than Zelgius. He looks stupid without the mask on, and BK is a badass with the mask on.

Second, I spent over 200 F2P orbs on RD banner, and got s***. No focus units, only a Sakura.

Third, I have Christmas Lissa and Robin. I missed the first BK and do not have any red armored unit. I was hoping that Zelgius would complete my team, but that is not to be. I also hit a 4.5% rate going for Tharja, so armors are generally avoiding me. It's killing me to not have a full armor emblem team, since they're good for Arena and missions.

Thing is, I really don't want to lose my F2P status. Good news is that I have Google Play credit, I just never use it. Should I finally complete my armor emblem team and hit tier 19?
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User Info: RMysterio

3 months ago#2
Lol @ the F2P status
At the end of the day, nobody really gives a f*** but you. Usually people don't want to spend because they don't want to get hooked on spending on gacha games, not to hold some dubious title you can brag mostly to internet strangers about.

Spend if you feel it's worth it. If not, leave it alone and move on.

User Info: ArmedTool

3 months ago#3
Get that BK, especially since you didn't get the first 2 copies. He is a great unit to have regardless.
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User Info: Plutia_Plushie

3 months ago#4
RMysterio posted...
Lol @ the F2P status
At the end of the day, nobody really gives a f*** but you.

User Info: Xsupergamer123

3 months ago#5
If you don't have a Black Knight then definitely get it.
I mean skipping 1 lunch meal for a Black Knight and resources is a great trade off.
Only reason not to buy this is if you're a laborer working in Africa.
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User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

3 months ago#6
If you play the game more than a few hours a week, it's a great investment, especially if you feel you're missing a red for armor emblem.

It's not like breaking F2P for $4 makes a difference. Someone who spent $200 and started at the same time as an F2P player could have a much worse barracks, and the gap only becomes apparent when compared to those who spent several hundreds or thousands, and being proud of accomplishing things as F2P ultimately doesn't matter that much unless you do it with only free heroes, since everything you summon is based on luck and you didn't "achieve" more than someone who was unluckier or started later q:
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

3 months ago#7
Plutia_Plushie posted...
RMysterio posted...
Lol @ the F2P status
At the end of the day, nobody really gives a f*** but you.

This. There are lots of players in other games that remain F2P except for rare one-off bargains.

User Info: Volcaniosis

3 months ago#8
Literally no-one cares if you're F2P except other F2P elitists, who you could lie to very easily
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User Info: Maximum Taco

Maximum Taco
3 months ago#9
If you missed BK I say go ahead and do it.

He's a great unit and you get him guaranteed.
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User Info: Crispy_Chikin

3 months ago#10
Yes. Me though, I do it when I get another $5 gift card.
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