4 and 5* Heroes

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User Info: Ven1399

4 weeks ago#1
New Banner, Don't summon!!!
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User Info: CJwat11

4 weeks ago#2
Just doing a free then I’m out.
"Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better."

User Info: Yukure

4 weeks ago#3
I did not expect that
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User Info: CJwat11

4 weeks ago#4
Then again, it’s good for those who have a solid barracks and need fodder.
"Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better."

User Info: awesome105

4 weeks ago#5
just what I wanted

more of the same fodder I get pulling for units I actually want
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User Info: DreadKaiser

4 weeks ago#6
nice fodder units or anyone that needs Klein or TA


User Info: Zantetsuken_14

4 weeks ago#7
Best legendary banner ever XD (jk)

Seriously though, I really need my nephenee. When is her banner coming?
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User Info: Synkie

4 weeks ago#8
We need more Barst's!
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User Info: Tyrueski

4 weeks ago#9
Got my first ever Mathilda. Cool.
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User Info: RavingSwoobat

4 weeks ago#10
I don't think I like this one. Literally puuling for fodder skills you could get from pulling on a different banner...

Just gonna get my Raigh/Bartre and be happy with it...

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