which character are yall planning to give the QR seal to

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  3. which character are yall planning to give the QR seal to

User Info: Teh_Maimed

6 months ago#1
im thinking Brave Ike for Vantage + QR3 combo.. but I have CD3 on him and its been so good on him Im not sure if Vantage + QR3 > QR3 + CD3 in practicality

or Micaiah, for Guard + QR3. but double DD3 seal sounds good on her too .. and I really dont want to waste the QR3 she inherited for 20k feathers ;_;

Ephraim too, but I really want him to be my ultimate buffbot for my Lilina lol

Maybe Julia, but I dont really use her that much anymore and she doubles enough with the help of Green Tomebreaker

Ahh! Who are you planning to give QR seal to?!

User Info: Arthaiin

6 months ago#2
Honestly, it'll probably go to someone on my B-Team. My A-Team all have units with speed in the 40s or higher and they gain more from increased defense than QR.

Most likely candidate atm is Micaiah will get it allowing her to run her natural Guard in her B slot.
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User Info: Nosydew

6 months ago#3
Any unit who has DC and has average-low speed.
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User Info: Arne83

6 months ago#4
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User Info: Jack_Sidharth

6 months ago#5
I would run it on Micaiah if I had her.

I will probably run it on Fjorm for now. This will let her keep her shield pulse + ice mirror combo, while also being able to counter twice. Should make her much scarier.

User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

6 months ago#6
Gave mine to Nowi.

I use Bowbreaker on her because I absolutely must be able to deal with any Brave Lyn in any situation... that made her MU against faster reds a bit more annoying, but QR Seal solves that. I don't have Steady Breath, otherwise I'd do things differently.
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User Info: Yukure

6 months ago#7
Gave it to Lukas, while replacing his B Skill to Guard 3
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User Info: -Alix-

6 months ago#8
Arne83 posted...
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User Info: lildragon0

6 months ago#9
BK with Bold Fighter or Ephraim so he can have Renewal in his B slot.
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User Info: progamer0616

6 months ago#10
Gone are the days where I must choose between Bowbreaker and QR on Fae. Now she can run both.
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  3. which character are yall planning to give the QR seal to

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