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User Info: HereToHelp

2 months ago#1
No Horse Emblem? No problem! I used this team. Beat it on the first try.

Hone Atk 3 and Hone Spd 3 seal on Shigure to help my other units, and blade tomes on both Tharja and Soren.

https://imgur.com/VXN8o1t https://imgur.com/HtDZTK3
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User Info: Maximum Taco

Maximum Taco
2 months ago#2
Crushed infernal with mages.

Linde (Blade build)

Maybe the easiest GHB. But I got my 3 Olivers, so I'm good.
Tacoz Rule. Now try to imagine what a Maximum Taco is like.
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User Info: BipBapBam

2 months ago#3
Ridiculously easy, beat it on my first try. Lucina slays a dragon and then Micaiah EFFORTLESSLY solo'd the map.

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User Info: SkittySaysMeow

2 months ago#4
Had Nino kill things and Ninian stop reds from getting to her. Ayra took out the last two units, which were iirc red sword and then Ninian WoM dance got her to kill the green mage. Ephraim buffed Nino as necessary, though needed to use Rally Def/Res for Nino to be able to one-round the green dragon on turn 1.
Approached from right
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User Info: awesome105

2 months ago#5
meme flier team


baited oliver and manakete with dc camilla, picked off rest
3DS FC: 2449-4679-3250 | NNID: Awesome105
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User Info: marthsheretoo

2 months ago#6
Just used Xander, Reinhardt, Cecilia, and Brave Lyn >_>

Yaaay victory
"Even MarthKoopa has jumped on the MarthKoopa hate wagon."

User Info: Fatalis_Mien

2 months ago#7
Put Tiki on the right defense tile with a healer nearby and have her kill everything except Oliver. Then nuke Oliver with Jaffar.
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User Info: Xashowd

2 months ago#8
Winter Tharja. Close Defense Seal. Armor Ward team. Defense Tile on the left.

It was just as matter of moving everyone into position, then Tharja pretty much cleaned house, with H!Henry chipping in to nuke down the Sapphire Lance Cav (Who, even on Infernal, dealt zero damage to Tharja while she was on the tile. f***ing A).

Bar none the easiest GHB I have ever had. Makes for a damn good Birthday Present.
I am Xashowd, the Nocturne Zephyr! MHGen IGN: Laguna.
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User Info: Futaba01

2 months ago#9
Nowi, Nino, Bride Cordelia, Airzura ftw.

User Info: IndianaJones65

2 months ago#10
double infantry blades
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