Is Micaiah really that great a unit?

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  3. Is Micaiah really that great a unit?

User Info: bfidle

3 months ago#1
Disclaimer: I may or may not be biased in my opinion due to hating her as a character in her own game.

Like, she has great attack and res, and her weapon is pretty great too, but her speed is just such a dealbreaker to me that I feel that I can’t place her any higher than A+. It’s in an odd middleground where it’s not high enough to be player phase like Mae, Delthea, Linde, etc, but it’s not low enough to be an enemy phase unit like Oliver or even Deirdre/Julia. 28 to me is just not a good number for neutral speed when it comes to either role, and because of that, I just feel that she gets outclassed by most player phase mages. I wouldn’t dare say that Oliver outclasses Micaiah, but at the same time, he’s slightly easier to use as an enemy phase unit, because with his low speed, he wants to get doubled so he can activate Iceberg. Micaiah’s speed isn’t low enough for such a role.

Am I crazy/biased in my thinking, or am I right in thinking that she just gets outclassed?
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User Info: Executor15

3 months ago#2
I find Zelgius and even Sothe more worth your orbs honesty
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

3 months ago#3
Her tome effect is pretty f***ing stupid. A +10 +ATK Cecilia can't even kill her without Hone buffs. AND SHE HAS f***ING COLOR ADVANTAGE.

User Info: Jack_Sidharth

3 months ago#4
Not really no.

None of the units on this banner are terribly useful. If you are looking for power and not characters you like, it is an easy skip.

User Info: AuraChannelerCh

3 months ago#5
ViewtifulGene posted...
Her tome effect is pretty f***ing stupid. A +10 +ATK Cecilia can't even kill her without Hone buffs. AND SHE HAS f***ING COLOR ADVANTAGE.

Truly Lady Micaiah is a goddess in mortal form for Daein!

Long live Lady Micaiah!
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User Info: poopadoop

3 months ago#6
Her tome seems good but I already have Delthea and Rein. I don't really need a blue mage right now.

User Info: akaean

3 months ago#7
Her Tome is really good, double effective and 35 base attack. She can honestly run Deathblow and just blow up armors and cav. Like Kagero. Very useful in Arena Assault.

User Info: BipBapBam

3 months ago#8
She's cute so auto yes for me
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User Info: -deus-

3 months ago#9
She is good, but she isn`t great. A Blademage can literally do the same stuff she does vs horses and armors, the only advantage is her initial 30% less damage. But outside of those units she falls off like a rock.

A niche unit should never be considered top tier, same for raventome, or old wolftome. Way too risky to run those consistantly over units who work in basically every situation.

She will be an amazing asset in AA for people who get her but I doubt people will keep her in their normal arena team for a long period.
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User Info: silentshadow37

3 months ago#10
invest in her attack and she can one shot any horse or armor, often through color disadvantage. yes, she's worth it.
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