GHB: Berkut rerun strat

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User Info: turtles777

5 months ago#51
araziza posted...
turtles777 posted...
Cheap-o Infernal strat with WoM dancers and Rhajat
Not really a strat

You rock. Just used this one myself.

Ayyy!!!!! high 5
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User Info: HereToHelp

5 months ago#52
People say this GHB is easy. I don't believe it. Valter is easy. All the BHB and Squad Assaults are super easy. This is impossible for me. My units are scattered. Nothing is worse than that. I swear, nothing is harder than this one. Nothing. Legion and Clarisse are easier too.

I know, it's all subjective. But this is my experience

I have yet to pull Mathilda's ass, even at 4*. The moment I do, Effie is getting her weapon along with a res upgrade for it!!! See? THIS is why I need to pull her already. Because of THIS map. So let me pull her, game!

Although I barely pull blues cause they barely add any blues on banners that I wanna snipe for. Smh.

Even worse than my units being scattered, is that the horses will move either to the top of the map, or the bottom, depending on which of your units are weak against them. How am I supposed to handle BS like that? When two green units rush towards my one blue unit, or two blue ones stalk my red one?

Also, that Firesweep Bow Cavalier... Just shoot me. I can't even bait with my raven users.

Valter was super easy! Imagine me saying that. Most people will probably say this is easier. Hahaha! What a joke!

0/10. Worst map design ever. There is no fun to be had from this. Valter's map was actually interesting! I kind of liked it.
A game should be fun, hard and even challenging. But never frustrating. Or else, it fails at being a "stress reliever". It only brings more headache.

User Info: arturvma

5 months ago#53
It was very hard indeed, but I finally did the infantry quest.

Celica on top, Fjorm in the middle, Klein and Axura on the bottom.
Fjorm takes both berkuts and the archers attack, then celica kills the archer and fjorm protects herself in the shelter terrain.
Meanwhile, Klein kills the others with Azura.

I tried many teams before it finally worked out

User Info: Nosydew

5 months ago#54
Move Selena up. Everyone falls back.

I beat it the first time it came around so I probably used tharja,Erika, bridelia,dancer as that was my only good team.

Ohhh how times have changed.
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User Info: HereToHelp

5 months ago#55
Ugh, I finally cleared it. Because I had ONE thing which made it doable. A 5* Ursula. I didn't even need to upgrade her wolf tome, and mine even has Bowbreaker which let her annihilate the bow cavalier easily.

Seriously though, without weapons with bonus damage vs cavaliers, or fully merged units, this is almost impossible. Only one of my units were merged too lol.

It will go down in history as the hardest GHB I will ever have to deal with. Nothing will top it xD But I'm curious to see if anything can, in my case. I suppose I'll say "bring it on!" Let's see if anything can annoy me more than this map on Infernal.

Perhaps I don't need to mention it. But no, I didn't clear this one the first time around. Only one I haven't cleared the first time, so far. But thankfully, I got it this time around! Now I can relax!
A game should be fun, hard and even challenging. But never frustrating. Or else, it fails at being a "stress reliever". It only brings more headache.

User Info: Suzardo

5 months ago#56
This has to be the hardest orb quests in the game. LIke srsly.
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User Info: wind64a

5 months ago#57
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User Info: Xashowd

5 months ago#58
Not sure how many tries it took, but I f***ing finally completed the Infernal for this one. Units being split at the start made it really hard, but after a bunch of SI adjustments I made it through.

Team was as follows:

Beruka+5 +Def-Spd
Slaying Axe+Def
Iote's Shield
Threaten Def
Squad Ace A 2

Brave Sword+
Earth Boost 2
Follow Up Ring
Drive Def 2
Close Def 3

Elincia+1 +Res-Def
Draw Back
Death Blow 3
Flier Formation 3
Goad Fliers
Atk Ploy 1
(Only changed her assist)

Axura+1 +Res-Spd
Renewal 3
Drive Res 2
No Seal

Beruka and Arden to the south, Axura and Elincia were up north.

Turn 1: Beruka baits the south lancer, Arden sits to her right. Meanwhile Elincia flies north to the defense tile and Axura sings her.

Red Mage and Axe Cav head up to the northwest Tiles, Berkut and the FU Archer move northeast, the archer right between the trees and Berkut right above him. Other Lance Cav attacks Beruka and takes damage, Beruka tanks like a pro. Green Mage moves to the Tile at the top of the southwest DefTile Triangle.

Turn 2: Elincia slaughters the FU Archer, Axura moves down to dance her, then Elincia uses Draw Back to bring both south one space so that Berkut will attack Axura. Meanwhile Arden moves up one space to finish off the Lance Cav, taking a little damage so has 44 left, and Beruka moves out of the Green Mage's range.

Berkut takes the bait, taking a bunch of damage while Axura takes little. The northern Cav duo move due east. Meanwhile the Green Mage attacks Arden, who survives with 4 HP (!).

Turn 3: Axura finishes off Berkut, Elincia draws her back out of enemy range. Arden smites the Green Mage with an Ignis, Beruka does whatever, can stay put or move around.

Remaining Cavs move around. Either way they move, both are in range for an Elincia-Dancer Wombo-Combo and I clean up house on Turn 4.

So freaking stressful. Getting that damn FU Archer dead ASAP and surviving turn 1 was the most important part. After that I pretty much reacted to preserve everyone as much as possible. Got lucky that the Red Mage Cav and Axe Cav went north, staying out of combat enough so that I could deal with the foes. So many combos attempted, and both my Beruka and Arden have come through for me with Axura&Elincia being the more offensive duo. Tanks FTW, really hope more Arden merges come out sooner rather than later.
I am Xashowd, the Nocturne Zephyr! MHGen IGN: Laguna.
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User Info: KTO

5 months ago#59
HereToHelp posted...
People say this GHB is easy. I don't believe it. Valter is easy. All the BHB and Squad Assaults are super easy. This is impossible for me..

@HereToHelp If you have Ghb units, someone cleared it using 4* Lloyd , Ursula, Legion and olivia.

User Info: Zero IX

Zero IX
5 months ago#60
Nowi+10 pretty much soloed this Infernal while everyone else stood around gawking.
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