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User Info: habsalltheway33

4 months ago#21
Joshua with Distant Counterand Quick Riposte and Axura at bottom left of map. With a Green unit at the top and Sharena or Berkut at the right

Put Joshua or whatever solid distant counter red you have in range of all the units but the blue ones.
Move sharena or berkut up to the top out of range.
Move the green unit down (out of range) from the top.

Joshua/DC unit kills everything. And you have easy killa at the top of the map with berkut or sharena. Try to have lancebreaker or quick riposte on berkut

User Info: HereToHelp

4 months ago#22
Most annoying quest ever, the infantry one. Harder on Lunatic than most Infernal battles. Ugh.

In the end, Lukas was the green infantry axe unit I needed, after all. Yeah, he's not green, but he tanks and kill Berkut on the counter, and also tanks the bow user.
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User Info: suneit

4 months ago#23
Ok.With inspiration from this thread. Thanks to Tsuryu info.

I made it. Burn couple stamina since I need to level up Berkut and grind SP for Sharena.

This is for the mission for killing berkut with Sharena and himself.

Use two dancers (I use Axura and Ninian), Berkut/Sharena, and Tharja (sorry but my tharja is +10).
I slap Tharja, green tomebreaker, darting blow, Distance Def so she does not get kill.
Sharena is 4* Lv 40 with Speed +3, Reposition, New Moon, and Desperation 2, then attack 3 deal
Berkut is 4* LV 35 with Attack +2, Wings of Mercy 2, and Attack +3 seal.

Make sure one of the dancer has Wings of Mercy.

The key is to have 1 dancer and Tharja at bottom. Then top dancer with wings of mercy. and right side is Berkut or Sharena.

Tharja to bait Archer and Green Mage on bottom def tile.
Green mage will suicide to Tharja.
Tharja to kill Archer and Red mage (key). when Tharja killing red mage, her HP will be minimal for top dancer or Berkut to Wings of mercy.

The rest is just matter of adjustment to kill axe and tank berkut then kill.
My sharena is weak but Desperation 2 do the tricks.

Sharena will run to bottom and can tank berkut ONCE. then retaliate.
Berkut is on top and need wings of mercy to bottom make sure to moveable tile.

User Info: Shadow Stalker X

Shadow Stalker X
4 months ago#24
Strategy I used for the Lunatic quests I posted here.
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User Info: Sakurasamuraizz

4 months ago#25
Just wanted to beat infernal at all.

Took a few tries, but eventually found a way to win using B!Roy, B!Lyn, Azura and Beruka
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User Info: Benzie

4 months ago#26
Uh this s*** is hard for me, pretty sure I can't beat the quests but managed to beat infernal atleast.
Nowi Ayra bottom, Hector most top, Fjorm top right. Nowi moves to bottom defense tile, Ayra under Nowi. Hector moves next to top defense tile, Fjorm moves next to him on defense tile and uses Rally Def/Res. Nowi baits both mages and a blue cavalry, killing red mage while being attacked. Next turn Ayra kills green mage, Nowi kills blue cavalry. Fjorm moves 1 spot under defense tile, hector moves to the right on the defense tile. Hector tanks Berkut, Fjorm takes archer, green cavalry is closing in to hector at top. Nowi repositions Ayra, Ayra moves to the bottom right defense tile to bait archer. Fjorm uses Def/Rally on Hector, Hector kills Berkut. Archer attacks Ayra, readying her Luna and lowering her to half hp. Ayra kills archer, Hector kills remaining green cavalry.

User Info: NintendoLover25

4 months ago#27
I used Nowi, Young Tiki, Fae, and Nino for the infantry one. Nowi received the Fortify Dragon from Fae at the bottom and tanked pretty much everyone, Young Tiki at the top and Nino at the middle. Next turn Young Tiki went down to escape Berkut, and Nino repositioned her. Nino tanked the one hit from Berkut, and on my turn killed him, and Young Tiki took the axe cavalier, while Nowi and Fae cleaned up the other grunts.
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User Info: SkittySaysMeow

4 months ago#29
I couldn't beat Lunatic last time, but actually beat Infernal and Lunatic on the first tries this time. Just had to use my infantry team, beat it with Ninian/Ayra/Nino/Kagero.
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User Info: Mark1117

4 months ago#30
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