Build an Archer Tier List!

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User Info: HereToHelp

3 months ago#11
No matter what, Gordin is always a higher tier than Niles. He completely outshines him. Definitely the best budget archer. Virion on the other hand, needs serious investment, while Gording is a much cheaper option to consider. Building Gordin is simple enough. Give him Swordbreaker, and he'll ORKO most, if not all the powercreeped red sword units we seem to be getting lately. Not to mention Ryoma and Ike too. He handles them too.

If this tier list takes SI into consideration, then Gordin is better than Faye too. He has the same speed, but one more attack! Also got much better defense than her. If it doesn't take SI into consideration, why is Virion a higher tier than Gordin? Either way, Gordin is too good to be stuck on the bottom with Niles. He is better than Faye stat wise. He can use her bow better. She is a worse option for the BB+ than he is.
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User Info: Mega_Gardevoir

3 months ago#12
HereToHelp posted...
Also got much better defense than her.

Why does a budget archer need defense though? Especially if all they do is shoot things with the BB+? Faye at least has the Res to run the Guard Bow and become an EP archer for baiting mages. Plus she comes with the Firesweep Bow so why would we hand it to Gordin when it's less SI to just keep it on Faye. Most archers can do the BB + Swordbreaker thing.

The extra Speed every other archer has is notable, because they can quad tanky, slow units and hope to proc a Luna in the process. Even if we are looking at clutch face-tanking, better Speed means less chance of getting doubled and feeding the enemy unit's special counter. Gordin is frailer than most of the units above him simply because he's getting doubled by everything.

It's not that Gordin is a bad unit. Even he and Niles can be good with enough SI. It's just that you get more mileage out of investing in the other archers.

User Info: dotsdfe

3 months ago#13
I'd put Niles over Rebecca for sure. The anti-mage niche is not a bad one and he's one of the better options for it. He's probably better than Setsuna (Sorry, Quadsuna isn't doing much these days), Clarisse, and maybe Faye too.

I typically put Faye as one of the bottom two archers along with Rebecca, but the Guard Bow + DD3 + DD3 idea is interesting for her at least. Tough to say if that will make her worth something in the long run though.
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User Info: Darkrunedragon

3 months ago#14
Niles is severely underrated.

"He has an anti-mage niche and that's about it." And that's a bad thing for an Archer?

With Iceberg and a Killer Bow, he's adding half of his MASSIVE res stat to his damage to every third attack in combat. If he baits a mage, it's virtually guaranteed death--Mage attacks once, he attacks once, and then he attacks again while proccing Iceberg.

And iceberg isn't even just good against mages for him. His attack isn't particularly AMAZING but it's not bad, either. Iceberg can easily pierce through Armors defenses and as long as they don't have Distant Counter, he just flat out wins.

But wait. What if we add a Quickened Pulse seal? He can score an extremely easy early kill thanks to a measly charge count of 1 at the start of the fight. If he doubles, he wins. And seeing how he has a pretty reasonable speed score, that really isn't hard to accomplish. Or if you wanna say "Screw speed, I double anyway", a Breaker can be added to his kit with relative ease.

Best part is that all of this except the Seal and Breaker are in his base kit. He has everything he needs to excel in all but the highest tiers of play without even requiring skill inheritance of any kind.

I'm not going to say he should be top tier, but he definitely deserves better than bottom tier.
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User Info: RedSpiderLily

3 months ago#15
Imo Niles and Gordin are rather underrated.

User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

3 months ago#16
RedSpiderLily posted...
Imo Niles and Gordin are rather underrated.

Niles is bad unless he's +Atk and you give him the +Atk seal (that gives him 32 attack at 5* level 40). His attack is just too low otherwise.

Gordin however, is right there with Virion as a solid, if a bit outclassed (Leon flat out outclasses both) archer. No way is he C tier, or even B.
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User Info: dotsdfe

3 months ago#17
Attack isn't that hard to patch up these days, at least.

Yes, I've invested quite a bit into him, but still.

It's definitely on the lower side, but I'll always insist that he's not that bad of a unit. He's done consistently well for me since release.
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User Info: hishong

3 months ago#18
Archer tier list:

1: BLyn, bcordelia
2. HJakob
3. The s***ty ones

User Info: THE_WALL

3 months ago#19
Jeorge and Innes are S+

0 bias i swear
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