Would you sell your soul...

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User Info: HereToHelp

4 months ago#11
I would if I had one, but I don't think I do.
A game should be fun, hard and even challenging. But never frustrating. Or else, it fails at being a "stress reliever". It only brings more headache.
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User Info: StellaLunaris

4 months ago#13
Sure! Here ya go!

You fool! You got scammed by a ginger! Ha HA!
I draw stuff http://www.redpawdesigns.net/ and I'm starting to make stuff. https://society6.com/redpawdesigns
PSN: TheReddfawks

User Info: Yukihime117

4 months ago#14
No, but I would sell your soul to make you not real.
The greatest lie of this world is life. The greatest truth of this world is death. And mankind's greatest weakness is desire. ~ Ancient Kings Lost Advisor

User Info: Maximum Taco

Maximum Taco
4 months ago#15
I don't sell souls, I buy them.
Tacoz Rule. Now try to imagine what a Maximum Taco is like.
"Emulators make Baby Mario cry."

User Info: Edgardo4415

4 months ago#16
I would sell your soul to get my waifu.
Hablo espanol :3

User Info: mysteriouslurke

4 months ago#17
My soul already belongs to someone else...and I wish they'd be more careful with it...
But F Robin is cool. Not soul worthy though.
You are now fighting Commander Lurky and The Garbage Units Serving My Evil Army.

User Info: McLahey

4 months ago#18
Let's see, I've summoner supported...

- Bowlyn, who's boring and has no clue how to function in society.
- Tiki, who would immediately just go back to sleep.
- And Saizo, who would kill me for taking him away from his duty of protecting his Lord Ryoma.

So yes, I would sell my soul to be murdered by Saizo.
"It's raining again."

User Info: Heranu

4 months ago#19
Nope, not even if it was one of those "They already come pre packaged with love towards you" deal
Those who survive a long time on the battlefield start to think they're invincible. I bet you do, too, Buddy.

User Info: Xashowd

4 months ago#20
No. Being dragged from her world to this one would be a very sad existence for poor YTiki. No Mar-Mar around, and I don't think I'd make the best companion for her. Wouldn't be fair, and that's not getting into the worst case scenario of her being hunted down for being a freaking dragon.

No, my cinnamon roll stays in her world where she is loved and safe.
I am Xashowd, the Nocturne Zephyr! MHGen IGN: Laguna.
3DS FC: 3695-0746-1582. Xashowd. PM me if you add me.
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