Is there a way to fix a -Atk Jaffar?

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  3. Is there a way to fix a -Atk Jaffar?

User Info: Edgardo4415

4 months ago#1
I really want that beautiful weapon, but he is -atk....
That poison/S.blow seems to good and funny....
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User Info: WaterPon

4 months ago#2
well he has 37 attack with DD+ then, 40 if you have atk+3 seal, and 45 if u go LaD.
Furthermore, if you have a delthea/hone buff you can get him to 51/49 attack.

Bear in mind, many mages (assuming you're going the anti-mage DD+) have low def anyway other than Ravens you probably ought to avoid so....

Probably still usable with some babysitting.

User Info: JCoconut

4 months ago#3
He's bad even with +Atk, I'd say.
You're just putting enemies into Vantage and WoM range.

Though I also have only -Atk +HP so maybe someone with +Atk says no its totally different.

User Info: Whistle

4 months ago#4
mine jaffar is - atk aswell. I put windsweep on him to make him function. I would say his dagger upgrade is pretty tempting. If you fancy him then try it out.
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User Info: HereToHelp

4 months ago#5
Jaffar with an upgraded Deathly Dagger can chip off 20 HP from all enemy units, if he also runs Poison Strike 3 lol. Very powerful. First upgrade makes it so tome users cannot counterattack. I guess it makes Windsweep less necessary. He also debuffs enemies while doing so.

This may be very useful for some of the more difficult maps, like the Squad Assaults and maybe GHBs/BHBs which require very spesific strategies, especially if you can't ORKO a powerful enemy.

Alternatively run Savage Blow 3 and a Savage Blow 3 seal too? Sounds fun! So much chip damage! Lol.
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User Info: HayashiTakara

4 months ago#6
his atk stat is so bad, that +ATK sucks on him, lol
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  3. Is there a way to fix a -Atk Jaffar?

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