Post your best healer!

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User Info: mysteriouslurke

7 months ago#11
I have none currently. I will never. Never. Use healers. Ever.
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User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

7 months ago#12
Bride Lyn:


Candlelight+ (not upgraded yet)
Swift Winds Balm
Dazzling Staff
Hone Attack 3
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User Info: HereToHelp

7 months ago#13
Wrys or Lucius. I can't decide. But soon it will be Lucius. Cause he is my next project for the weapon refinery! I will give him the Dazzling Staff upgrade.
An upgraded Pain is lots of fun!
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User Info: NintendoLover25

7 months ago#14
She's next in line for Weapon Refinery after the dragon lolis get a buff. Looking forward to Wrathful Dazzling Staff.

User Info: Metallia

7 months ago#15
Death comes for everyone!
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User Info: -deus-

7 months ago#16
She will be my 2nd weapon upgrade (Wrathful obviously) when I get enough mats again in a week. Support is Nowi
CeruleanGamer: Not investing in a game plagued by hackers.

User Info: Danicco

7 months ago#17
I'm going for a similar build as the Azama above with her, though I'm still holding on weapon refinery right now.
She'll be the cutest and deadliest sheep in the game.
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User Info: ToiseOfChoice

7 months ago#18

I wanna get her a better A skill, but I won't do anything until I've decided how I wanna actually build her. This one is +HP/-Atk, I'm still deciding which nature to go with.

Shame about Rehabilitate, but ah well.

User Info: Jevrath

7 months ago#19
Metallia posted...
Death comes for everyone!

Oh my god.

User Info: omarssikins

7 months ago#20
4*+3 Clarine

I like snarky imouto but her 5* skills even after the update are pretty ehhhhh. She'll just be a B-team horse emblem along with my Eldigan/B!Roy/Eliwuss/Seth+Roderick/Camus/Mathilda and Frederick/gronblade+ Cecilia.
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