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User Info: Crusher063

4 months ago#1
Roughly 240 orbs, including the ones from the quests and story maps, got me

Ayra X2
Bridelia X2
S. Xander

Haven't checked all IVs, other than the Fjorm, who is +atk/-spd. Her speed is meh anyway, so I'm thinking of making her my main version.

What did y'all get?

User Info: Sakurasamuraizz

4 months ago#2
49 orbs

Neutral Bride Caeda

Not the best, but I’ll take it since I wouldn’t have ever been able to pull her elswhere
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User Info: HereToHelp

4 months ago#3
Around 80 orbs or so for a +Atk/-Def Deidre. Not bad I'll say. But I am surprised my pity rate went over 9% before I finally got something lol. I wasn't trying to pull for Deidre spesifically either. I was just pulling all orbs, to see what I could get. I feel satisfied though.

I may decide to not pull any more on this banner at all. Simply cause I wanna pull on the CYL banner for Brave Roy lol.
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User Info: re_ru

4 months ago#4

Celica (+def/-atk....bad, but I just wanted to pull her)
Ike (Already had 2)
B!Lyn (Neutral)
B!Cordeila (+atk/-hp)
S!Camilla (+hp/
B!Caeda (+spd/-def)

Not too bad, I seem to have decent luck, having pulled mostly everything I want from every banner. Would have wanted better IVs for Camilla and Celica, but just having them is good enough for me. :D
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User Info: Vic10

4 months ago#5
400 orbs, 3x Ayra, 2x Hector, Genny and Bunmilla. Averages to about 60 orbs per 5*, which is average I guess.
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User Info: MichaeLelouch

4 months ago#6
70+ orbs.

3 Ayra
Spring Camilla

I want Celica. >.<
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User Info: NeosKun

4 months ago#7
80 orbs:
Bridelia +Atk/-Spd
Genny +Atk/-Spd
Fjorm +Hp/-Res
Celica +Res
Celica +Hp
Celica + def

Pretty happy with that! awesome luck I got, omg.

User Info: alienhamster

4 months ago#8
270~ spent:

+speed/-ATK bridelia (first) (heartbreaker)
Merge fodder bow Lyn
+atk/-hp Spring Camilla
+def/-speed hector
Diedra (don't care about IVs) (first)
+speed/-res (!!!) Ayra (first)
Ike (first)
Genny (first)
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User Info: Crusher063

4 months ago#9
Vic10 posted...
400 orbs, 3x Ayra, 2x Hector, Genny and Bunmilla. Averages to about 60 orbs per 5*, which is average I guess.

Wow I was pretty lucky I guess. I averaged about one 5* every 30.

Not sure if I count S. Xander though. At least I got a Fjorm for my trouble

User Info: Brady672_AT_fan

4 months ago#10
About 160 orbs netted me two Hectors. Looking at everyone else's pulls look like I got unlucky, but 2 Hectors in that amount of orbs is nothing to scoff at.
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