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  3. Dude, f*** the Halloween banner.

User Info: Ryu_Hatsuento

1 year ago#31
Kuna posted...
GuerillaGorilla posted...
I used up all the f2p orbs to try and get a Hallow unit. I really needed Henry for the armor march and a Jakob would have been nice to go with him, especially since I have a BB+ and DB3 ready to go. Nowi would have been nice too for emblem shenanigans. But noooooo. First it was broken by a useless Eirika at 3.5% and then again by a useless Cain at 4.25%. I had even spent a total of 60 orbs since the reveal of the 8% banner trying to break my pity for a Halloween unit. Some of y'all are saying that's not a high percent but its still a damn lot of orbs for f2p. Had I known I would have gotten diddly from this banner, I would have spent it on the Amelia in the VG banner instead.


People will stop the reality and what you do!!!! If You pull for a green unit and then chose red at high % you shouldnt be surprised that Eirika, Cain, etc. red unit appears. Vice versa, you should avoid this color and others. LOL LOL LOL So, so Eirika, Cain are not pity breakers in this case at all. Deidre is, Raven is, Sonya is, etc. You have to think.

Except when you get 5 red orbs, sometimes you can't avoid those colors. Telling someone to think when it's not entirely in their control is not helpful at all. Also they said they wanted H!Nowi so avoiding red doesn't make sense.

This is why as a f2p, since there's no way I can effectively pull on every good banner, I stop as soon as a pull any 5* and just hope for the best.
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User Info: Teh_Maimed

1 year ago#32
I feel you, that happened to me back in CYL banner dumping 300 orbs for Brave Ike, only to get pity breaker Titania, Clair, and Red Lucina.

Then, the repeat banner came along, on the fourth circle attempting for Brave Ike, he finally shows up; and so do +Spd,-Def Brave Lyn and -HP,+Res Delthea.

Luck turns around, it's funny. You'll probably have a really lucky streak soon :) !

User Info: Jack30749

1 year ago#33
I've wasted 120 orbs on this banner and not even a single 5* yet, at least you got something

User Info: ShinigamiMiroku

1 year ago#34
Three Neko!Sakura... and no sign of H!Henry/Jakob. T_T
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User Info: Kuina

1 year ago#35
Welcome to my world. 600 orbs and I got every red unit under the sun except Ayra. I finally managed to get her on a free summon, so i effectively wasted 600 orbs.

User Info: Osumnis

1 year ago#36
If it makes you feel any better, I reached 5.25% on the death blow banner... and never got a pity breaker. I used probably arpund 100 f2p orbs after the 8% banner was revealed. And I wasn't even pulling for a specific unit, I wanted any of the units on the banner.
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User Info: Petragen

1 year ago#37
I did 200 orbs, 5.5% pity rate into Halloween before getting 5* Athena. :/

Then I spent 15 + free summon on the CYL repeat banner and... at least I got 4* Fae.

I have like 6 orbs. I should easily be able to get at least 15 for the super banner for a full pull of some useless 3* units.

After that, I'm not sure what I will do. Take it as it comes.
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User Info: hishong

1 year ago#38
I have no idea how this banner convinced me to spend money when I was lucky enough to get both the units I wanted (Nowi and Henry) in like 100 f2p orbs and I swore off ever spending again after the first Hero Fest. Ended up spending enough to get Henry to +10. Definitely not going through my bank statement to see how much it cost just because I will be embarrassed. I don't regret it because whatever 5-600ish I spent wasn't a big deal and I certainly have gotten $1000 worth of entertainment out of the game since I started playing it, but it's a bit silly since I'd have gotten nearly the same amount of enjoyment as if I spent $0, and I do think that orbs are priced unfairly and that gacha is a fairly unhealthy/predatory business model.
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