Dude, f*** the Halloween banner.

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User Info: 4dbest

11 months ago#11
Im f2p spent 120 orbs got Neko and another Julia and Reindhart -atk that I used vantage on Neko.

User Info: Gedanox

11 months ago#12
I've been pretty lucky tho. Im sitting here with a *decent* neko and a H!jakob +2 +ATK-HP (in pretty little orbs tho)
But oh well, ive been tryng to pull for henry and haven't got him either.

User Info: TheBigPuma1110

11 months ago#13
I thought TC was joking and looked it up, turns out Cain IS still a 5*. That's really ridiculous. They seriously need to downgrade some older units. No one wants Cain as a 5*. No one ever whaled for Cain. No one is going to complain if they make him more common.

User Info: venkisaragi

11 months ago#14
Want H!henry (green) and jakob(colorless) but got pity broken by eirika (red) and cain (red).

Doesn't compute.

User Info: Jack30749

11 months ago#15
My pity rate hasn't broke since the start of the banner, i'm sitting at 4.25% and no sight of a 5* yet

User Info: Holstine

11 months ago#16
Sitting at 5% and no focus yet. Last session was 3 blue and 2 red so I'm thinking nowi but nope. 2 3* laslows

User Info: Torr

11 months ago#17
If you're f2p and you get broken twice in a row on a banner. It's done.

Nice try though. All month and nothing.

User Info: NintendoLover25

11 months ago#18
I got H Nowi +Spd -HP, H Henry +Spd -Atk, and H Sakura +Def -HP in about 200 orbs, no money spent as I just skipped all the banners after the dragon gauntlet ended and saved up.

User Info: BadDecisions

11 months ago#19
I dropped I think 60 orbs on Halloween before I realized it was going to be fruitless.
I really wanted Nowi and Henry because I'm trying to put together armor and flying emblem, but, y'know... f*** it. You can only get so many pity Claires and still want to live.

User Info: Darthvall

11 months ago#20
Spent some of my October Orb and all of my November Orb on this banner hoping to expand my armor emblem by sniping green and colorless. Got 3 H!Sakura which I barely like and 0 armor unit.

Gave in to greed by spending $70 and get Jakob (REGULAR ONE) and finally H!Henry on thr last orb.

Can't say I am unlucky, but I really hate this banner too.
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  3. Dude, f*** the Halloween banner.

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