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  3. Who was your first 5 star summoned? and do you like it?

User Info: Jack30749

1 year ago#41
My first 5* was cain, it was pretty great for clearing the campaigns before i got klein, still, i have him sitting in the barracks with one merge.

User Info: gotohades

1 year ago#42
Camilla was my first 5*. She was -Atk. I didn't use her much after reaching the endgame at the time, but now I've got an ideal one at +6 so I use her a lot more often.
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User Info: mysteriouslurke

1 year ago#43
Robin. He is my boy.
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User Info: Concession

1 year ago#44
Yeah, rerolled and got a Lucina. Still use her.
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User Info: reicta

1 year ago#45
+HP -Res Eldigan

I still use him and he really helped get me through the early game. I don’t have Xander though.

User Info: vermillion719

1 year ago#46
My first 5* was Priscilla. I never really think about it much, but actually, she's probably one of my favorite characters from FE7, in terms of both aesthetics and gameplay. It's too bad she's so unimpressive here, but Heroes isn't kind to healers.
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User Info: EmrelGuy

1 year ago#47
I got Roy. I was happy until I realized he sucked

User Info: Thekiller37

1 year ago#48
Marth. I dropped him like a day later for Lucina.

I don't hate him, but I don't like him either.
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User Info: The UnLucky Cat

The UnLucky Cat
1 year ago#49
I rerolled until I got two 5*s, which were Tiki and Roy.

Tiki baby turned out to be +Atk and carried me through Arena and everything until I replaced her with Ike. I still use her for dragon emblem every so often, and will resurrect it once Hone Dragons exists.

Roy was a worthless turd and I fed him to Nowi once I learned he was -Atk. I do use his Brave variant now, though.

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User Info: Eiyu

1 year ago#50
Azura. Dancers are great.
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  3. Who was your first 5 star summoned? and do you like it?
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