Do you use units with bad/ugly art?

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User Info: ArmedTool

11 months ago#31
Da-Hug-Thug posted...
MrCactuar posted...
Arden is a beautiful work of nature

This, I feel weird. I really like his art style and VA, I even have him as my lead unit. Reminds me of old school Hulk.
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User Info: Crispy_Chikin

11 months ago#32
I didn't know Cordelia was considered ugly on this board.


Wow. :/

On-topic: If they are decent, I will build them and use them for specific modes (Squad Assault and Chain Challenges, for example)

User Info: Eiyu

11 months ago#33
Jakob looks bad, but I use him. I got him instead of Olivia last month.
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User Info: Chuckers

11 months ago#34
I definitely discriminate based on art.

User Info: Nazdrovie

11 months ago#35
I try to avoid them. Like, I still leveled a Nowi and Cordelia, but I hardly use them because their art rubs me the wrong way. Meanwhile, I use Bridelia freely and I wouldn't mind a Witch Nowi if I got her.

Crispy_Chikin posted...
I didn't know Cordelia was considered ugly on this board.


Wow. :/

The default pose art looks really bored/uninterested, and not really like the Cordelia we know in Awakening. The other poses aren't that much better, too. It's not "ugly", but I'd be willing to call it "bad".
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User Info: Jinkuro

11 months ago#36
So long as the unit is efficient I'll use it. Minus whoever drew Lloyed and Bride Charlotte. The cracked out anorexic look is a little much even for me.
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User Info: Zinie95

11 months ago#37
Ehhh, Cordelia has always had that kind of serious/bored face if she doesn’t smile.

User Info: CrescentShadow

11 months ago#38
I_Abibde posted...
Eliwood is my red tank of choice, and Athena (same artist) is not bad, either.


People b**** too much about their art.
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User Info: Sarioc

11 months ago#39
If I like them, then yes, after I get used to the art.. Rebecca and Lloyd took a looooong time to get used to
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User Info: Lavendermoon

11 months ago#40
It doesn't matter if their art is bad as long as they're strong. I turn off battle animations so all I see are there chibi forms on the battlefield hitting enemies.
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