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  3. Decision time: do I sac my one and only Summer Xander to Ninian?

User Info: Alpharos3236

1 year ago#1
sac +hp/-atk Summer Xander to +hp/-atk Ninian for infantry pulse? - Results (24 votes)
Yeah man
29.17% (7 votes)
Nah man, keep Summer Xander for himself
41.67% (10 votes)
Nah man, keep Summer Xander to sac to someone else later
29.17% (7 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I've been holding onto this Xander for so long now, but I'm coming to the conclusion that Ninian would appreciate IP much,much more than he would. They're both +hp, but the main differences are that I would never use Xander outside of AA (and even there he's basically deadweight), whereas I use Ninian everywhere except the arena because of score stuff, and also Ninian will never be in combat with the intent to actually kill anyone, so she doesn't even mind the attack bane, whereas Xander kinda needs it because he doesn't offer any other support beyond IP. My only hangups are that there probably won't be another chance for Summer Xander for a while (if ever), and that there could possibly be a better candidate for IP later, but with Ninian being a dancer with stupid high HP between +HP and summoner support, I'm struggling to think who that might be.

tl;dr: sac Xander yah or nah?

for reference, my build for Ninian is TA3, WoM3, currently fortify defense 3, Dance, and Luna. I'm looking to replace Light Breath+ with Dark Breath+ in the near future, probably after my next summon.
idk what to put in this bottom line anymore, give me suggestions please

User Info: Zalmoxix

1 year ago#2
In the end, depends on how much of a completionist u are.

Do u mind saccing an unit that u dont know if we are ever getting back, even if u dont use it? If the answer is yes, go ahead.

In game terms, its obviously worth, but for you? It might be not

User Info: Zinie95

1 year ago#3
Ninian is the best candidate, but he is limited, though it depends on how much you care about him.

User Info: reicta

1 year ago#4
In the same situation but I vote keep him because he may never come back, even if you don't use him he's still there at least. I was planning to give it to Ninian for a long time but eventually I got over her and now we have four other dancers, two or three of which are very good and just as good as if not better than Ninian.

User Info: Petragen

1 year ago#5
I considered giving mine to my +HP Deirdre but her Speed Ploy is just too useful.

My Ninian is +SPD-ATK and I have 5 other dancers so I don't really use her. Her speed is awesome but she can't kill anything so... I'll use a dancer who can, thanks.

I have 2 level 40 S.Xanders because I didn't like the +ATK-DEF one. I like the +RES-SPD one better, weirdly enough. Anyway I am not sure who to give IP to
Just add werewolves. 10/10
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  3. Decision time: do I sac my one and only Summer Xander to Ninian?
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