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  3. Beruka fans: +Atk -Spd or +Def -Spd?

User Info: reicta

1 year ago#1
Which Beruka should I build? - Results (32 votes)
+Atk -Spd
40.63% (13 votes)
+Def -Spd
53.13% (17 votes)
+Atk -Resistance
6.25% (2 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Playing through Conquest and I like her character, but trying to decide on IVs. Thoughts?

User Info: meohmy5

1 year ago#2
Beruka's tankiness is great with +Def, and her Spd is already pretty meh so -Spd isn't much of a problem. I'd go with +Def/-Spd.

User Info: iahuastom

1 year ago#3
I'm not a fan, but I remembered Torr answered +att/-spd when I asked it although my +def one had -att bane.

User Info: 0neW1ngedAngel

1 year ago#4
Torr had +Atk/-Spd but whaled SI, i think +Def/-Spd is easier on the SI and wallet.

if you can afford Slayer axe and DC and other insane SI along with +10 go +Atk, otherwise i vote +Def with that sweet sweet Ignis
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User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

1 year ago#5
+DEF is better than +ATK unless you're giving her a Slaying Axe+ I believe.

User Info: _Spectral_

1 year ago#6
My Beruka is 4+9.

I went with +Def at first, but now I'm waiting for +Atk to complete her because she can hit a 48/42 Atk/Def spread with an inherited weapon, which I personally prefer to 45/45. This includes Def+3 as a budget A skill. She's basically Green Flying Xander without DC, and it only took time, not feathers, to build her so far. Mine doesn't have the inherited weapon yet, and that will be the one piece I need feathers for.

PS I didn't vote, because I'd need to know what you're looking to invest.
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User Info: Jack_Sidharth

1 year ago#7
Torr liked +atk, while @g0dofwar7 liked +def afaik.

Torr left, so you only have the oer left to ask.

User Info: g0dofwar7

1 year ago#8
+def ofc. +atk is for weird builds
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