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User Info: srpst23

1 year ago#1
What banner are you currently spending orbs on - Results (50 votes)
Performing Arts
42% (21 votes)
World of Holy War
20% (10 votes)
Tempest Trials
16% (8 votes)
Flier Boost Skills
22% (11 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I'm trying to figure out where to pull from now that I finally pulled my 2nd dancer. I don't want to temp fate any more on the PA banner, it think.

User Info: Eiyu

1 year ago#2
Performing Arts. Gonna go in my fourth time later.
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User Info: Taiphlosion

1 year ago#3
4 banners with good units... IS has been greedy lately

Still on PA because i’ve been unlucky, i need dancers and they limited units
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User Info: reicta

1 year ago#4
Currently saving, which is rare for me. I got the four dancers and Ayra and have units that fill similar roles to all three of the Genealogy banner.

User Info: RedSpiderLily

1 year ago#5
Tempest Trials or Flier Boost. I really need Hinoka, but i want Eldigan or Ayra as well.

I got all dancers and Sigurd, with no interest in Deirdre or Tailitiu.

User Info: The UnLucky Cat

The UnLucky Cat
1 year ago#6
I'm saving now, with almost 300 orbs. Got Axura, Sigurd, and Hinoka, but don't want to push my luck any further.
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User Info: Nathanmg

1 year ago#7
Finished with the PA banner this morning, I really want a Hinoka but limited units take priority, as of such I'm waiting to see whether we do get a Halloween banner before pulling.
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User Info: KageNoSenshi

1 year ago#8
I finally got Shigure a couple days ago, so after having him and Inigo pulled, i am just gathering orbs now until the next special banner.
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User Info: Laughingman_S

1 year ago#9
I got three of the dancers from the PA banner within 40 orbs, so I'm long past done with that one.

I pulled from the Holy War banner until I got Sigurd (a little over 108 orbs).

I'm skipping that travesty of a TT banner. *Obligatory profanities aimed at IS*

I have no decent flyers, so it wouldn't benefit me to pull from the flyer banner.

For you, I'd say it would depend on which dancers you already have from the PA banner. They are limited, and universally useful by virtue of being dancers, so keep pulling if you don't have either of the green dancers.

Otherwise, you could pull for Sigurd if you want a great red unit for horse emblem (or even just in general). I would prioritise him over Ayra, as he fills a unique niche and is more compatible with meta teams (plus Ayra's banner is the worst). The other focus heroes in Sigurd's banner are also good. You could consider the Flyer banner if you are trying to build a flyer emblem team.
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User Info: araziza

1 year ago#10
I have been pulling the performance arts banner. I've been lucky so far, I have Azura, Shigure and Olivia. I wanted Azura most, but I really wanted Inigo second (but didn't get a single green orb out of 6 spreads). I'm not sure if I should just stop now or keep going, I kinda want to keep some orbs in case halloween.
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