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User Info: reicta

1 year ago#1
Promote Cecilia to use primarily in horse emblem? - Results (50 votes)
Yes - She's great running either gronnraven or gronnblade at five stars
66% (33 votes)
Yes, but only with a blade build, not raven
8% (4 votes)
No - She's more than capable at four stars and minimal investment
20% (10 votes)
No - You mean Thotcilia? Dump her for _____!
6% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I don't play horse emblem much, but my core is:

-Eldigan (also have BRoy and Seth at 5*)
-Reinhardt (+atk, standard OP build)
-Brave Lyn (neutral, standard build and brave bow+ build)

For the fourth slot, my choices are:
-5* Leo (+def, has regular raorraven)
-4* Frederick (+atk)
-4* Oscar (+atk -hp or neutral)
-4* Roderick (+spd)
-4* Cecilia (+spd -hp)

I've thought of promoting Cecilia before, but I basically never use her. I hate her in arena when she's buffed, but I feel like her stats are mediocre in every way outside of horse emblem. Still, I like her art, and I'd like to get a dedicated horse team running. I do not have Xander or Camus.


User Info: batsy10

1 year ago#2
I'd much rather use B!Roy since Rein can kill any red or blue
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User Info: Danicco

1 year ago#4
I promoted one and I'm really disappointed with her in general. The bad thing is that she's essential for a good Horse team because of the niche she covers, but other than that, she's so, so so so pathetic.

My team is similar to yours:
- Cain (reinhardt-like build): takes out anything low DEF
- Reinhardt: takes out pretty much everything
- Cecilia: takes (and tank) out some annoying colorless and blues
- Healer

So this works, but she's very weak still. Since you already have a Leo that you can upgrade his tome for the colorless/tank niche, you could use Frederick (Brave) instead. That'd be pretty much the same coverage but there's the color issue.

Leo seems a better partner for Reinhardt since he shouldn't have much trouble with Rein's common predators (Julia, Deirdre, Sonya and Nino to some extent) as Cecilia does. He also comes with QR which is better than G.Tomebreaker since it covers more range.
However Frederick's RES is close to non-existent so he'd be a new target for any non-blue mage (and even some blue mages!), although he'd deal with the RES ones Rein can't OHKO (maybe Delthea and some fliers).

So maybe investing in your Leo and then deciding between Frederick for heavy melee attacker (you're needing one) or maybe Titania for a more tanky one (her DEF isn't great though, but Emerald Axe helps) for another bait with Leo if you need.
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User Info: MedicalGamer

1 year ago#5
You should...But not for the reasons you think

Her raven build can allow her to counter Reinhardt and Bowlyn

It also helps that she's a bonus unit typically sui you always have a unit ready
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User Info: arturvma

1 year ago#6
I promoted one. She was very limited until I gave her a blade tome.

User Info: Zero IX

Zero IX
1 year ago#7
Cecilia is great for horse teams since she handily takes out two of the most threatening units. You can turn her into a heavy green mounted nuke with Gronnblade+ but the Gronnraven+ TA3 Bowbreaker (or G Tomebreaker) is so useful. Taking out BowLyn and Reindaddy on the same bait will never get old.

I'm not sure how +Spd fares but you might want to wait till a +Atk one with no Spd bane turns up instead for best results. She's one of those units who just does her one job and isn't good at anything else but she's damn good at what does.
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User Info: Taiphlosion

1 year ago#8
I have the same cecilia and imo she’s great. I’m currently working on merging her. She’s at +2
I run a blade build.
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User Info: Zinie95

1 year ago#9
Did you see that cancer Cecilia in the last dev map? Yes, yes, you should.

User Info: igorx06

1 year ago#10
I prefer my 4 × 10.
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