Is this really the territory IS is going to go into now?

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  3. Is this really the territory IS is going to go into now?

User Info: Snow-Dust

7 months ago#1
Create really bs strong units like Ayra and make them 5* whilst getting potentially c***blocked by a horseman of the same colour and now, they will only be here for a limited time as they are 5* focus pool exclusive and therefore, will prompt you to pay money to get the unit if you are out of orbs.

f*** this is filthy, let's pray to the universe that Ayra is actually a unit that you can attained from TT and that this is just for people who wants to minmax their Ayra. Taking my leave now as I feel sick since this is a bit too filthy for me to take.
DmnBldAltair posted...
suggesting the option of a female avatar in the hero role is bad because god forbid the series ever be interesting again

User Info: Prost

7 months ago#2
I'm really disappointed in IS, I actually hate them making this cheap move now.

User Info: perfectchaos83

7 months ago#3
I agree, this is a dirty tactic. She should have just been on the f***ing Genealogy banner. Shoehorning her into the tempest banner is scummy as f***.
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User Info: BKmk2

7 months ago#4
gameplay-wise, she's probably going to be irrelevant in arena, just like any other non-dc sword

but it's cool to have a speedy galeforce demon for other content tho
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User Info: Alapizco

7 months ago#7
This is a low blow by IS.

By the way, what can I do with two Eldigans? :(

User Info: blasster

7 months ago#8
IS: We simply want a Genealogy HW tempest trial themed, and Eldigan happens to be red. Ops!
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User Info: Drexciya

7 months ago#9
FEH is a scummy gacha game at it's core and always will be; these games are nothing but a predatory scheme to get you to waste inordinate amounts of $$ through abusively low RNG gambling rolls.

Ayra won't be a TT reward; she's nothing but a shameless cash grab attempt from IS on people who've already wasted their supplies of orbs on the banner that came out not even 5 days ago that she had no excuse NOT being on. Pray that they develop some slight shred of decency and demote her to 4 stars after this trash banner ends; cause she ain't gonna be F2P.

User Info: venkisaragi

7 months ago#10
And then they release Halloween Banner on 31st Oct and Fest Banner on mid Nov lol.
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  3. Is this really the territory IS is going to go into now?

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