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User Info: HirosakiShadow

5 months ago#1
I found this outside where I live:

He's so young and tiny that I couldn't leave him to live outside, so I have decided to keep him. I took him to the vet and he appears to be mostly clean and healthy, pending test results. He has a respiratory infection which will hopefully clear up as I give him medicine.

I have yet to name him, and upon further consideration I have decided upon the following:

I shall name him after a male fire emblem character. Furthermore, If enough people decide to participate, I shall name him whichever character receives the most user nominations.

Heroes, villains, doesn't matter. All male characters are fair game. Whatever character gets the most votes, that's what I'll name him-provided a fair amount of people decide to contribute.
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User Info: Supernat98

5 months ago#2
My beautiful queen, Tana! <3

User Info: Anazel

5 months ago#3
Oh he’s adorable! Hmm, what about Ares? Or Saber.

User Info: HirosakiShadow

5 months ago#4
I have no idea why that 1st link is completely broken and goes to the wrong place, btw. Apologies.
Back in Business

User Info: suneit

5 months ago#5
It is very nice of you of rescuing a pet. Congrats. Please take care of him.
I never have a cat so do not have any tips :).

BK sounds a good name for him.

User Info: hyperdimeduck

5 months ago#6
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User Info: Boxcar

5 months ago#7

User Info: Snow-Dust

5 months ago#8
Dandev or Devdan
DmnBldAltair posted...
suggesting the option of a female avatar in the hero role is bad because god forbid the series ever be interesting again

User Info: Heranu

5 months ago#9
Side note, beautiful cat man
Those who survive a long time on the battlefield start to think they're invincible. I bet you do, too, Buddy.

User Info: hawkraider3

5 months ago#10
Hala Madrid
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