(Hypothetical) CYL Seal follow-up from IS

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User Info: Snow-Dust

6 months ago#11
genzi posted...
Snow-Dust posted...

Encore Seal: When unit uses their assist skill, enable the target to take another action as well. If the unit have sing/dance, this effect affects all adjacent allies.

Doesn't this make both dancers and the yet released herons irrelevant?

You can never have too many dancers and also, dance and sing gets an amplified effect that acts like heron effect. Heron will be one of a kind and will always be useful too if they release them.
DmnBldAltair posted...
suggesting the option of a female avatar in the hero role is bad because god forbid the series ever be interesting again
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  3. (Hypothetical) CYL Seal follow-up from IS

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