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  3. Have you five starred Arvis already?

User Info: parKb5

1 year ago#11
I promoted him and max leveled him already. He’s got all the SI he’ll ever need too.

Bring on the Tempest. Arvis is ready!
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User Info: XFROSTY7

1 year ago#12
GHB's are the units I promote and work on most. I like to think it helps me consolidate barrack space too

Yeah i had been saving for most of September since we didn't get any new GHB's and I didnt feel like promoting more copies of FRobin and Clarisse just yet.


Arvis was a no brainer especially with all the BIke's in AA around it helps to have an extra Red Mage handy.

I was surprised at how easily be just slid into my current team and didn't really miss a beat. With the amount of debuffs he provides it always feels like he's dealing way more damage or setting up teammates to.

Really good on the sand map with the 4 trees when up against horse emblem.

User Info: reicta

1 year ago#13
begget posted...
How does he feel when you use him? Thinking about it because it sounds nice to be able to support through debuffs while potentially being a cleric for the team because of his Recover Ring.

I need more testing. I want to keep his B for now as it heals all the fury damage and then some, but his speed isn’t high enough to reliably double, so it makes him want a breaker or quick riposte to be a true mage tank.

User Info: xPhantomhive

1 year ago#14
Still training him. Will merge him when I have the feathers.
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User Info: Torr

1 year ago#15
Yeah I could always use more red mages. And he's actually not bad at all.


My unmerged Arvis can KO +10 Bike easily.


And +10 Wary Fighter Hector....Weird for Hector, but still, would've just doubled him down had he not had wary fighter.

His Recovery Ring is OP....

So he has a spot in Arena Assault when needed. I'm not merging him anytime soon, because I want to merge Arya when we get her.

User Info: razenkaku

1 year ago#16
No. Because future DEF ploy memes.Also, I don't even have enough feathers even if I wanted to: blew my last load giving Ninian Lighning Breath+ to commemorate her victory.

User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

1 year ago#17
17.5K feathers. So close yet so far. I have 2 close HM breakpoints and 1 CC left, but that might get me him like 1 day before the Arena season ends with the daily feathers, so I'll wait.

User Info: reicta

1 year ago#18

What did you go with for the A slot? I think recovery ring is great, but it also does hurt his offensive potential because his speed isn’t high enough to double a lot of units, which a breaker or QR would take care of. I’m going to stick with the ring for now though. It’s great with fury.

User Info: Mocorongo

1 year ago#19
Only if I get a spare Hinata. I love Arvis not as a unit, but because his VA Xander Mobus xD
Red mages are kinda obsolete for my teams... :/
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User Info: SonofFomortiis

1 year ago#20
Eventually, I'll 5* +2 him, but I gotta hang on to some of these feathers for Tobin. His mini has got to be coming soon.
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