Anybody resisting the urge to pull?

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User Info: -Alix-

4 months ago#1
Being F2P, and wasting over 120 orbs for double Inigo + Azura, I'm resisting the urge to pull just in case there will be a Halloween banner.

Also, Ayra and the other two units will keep me satisfied tbh, after getting Oscar 4 times in a row I refuse to pull just like that.

Anybody know if this banner will still be around for Halloween? I wouldn't be surprised if IS ends these banners and surprises us with a Halloween one right after. I don't really care for Perfectly-White Seliph, Stoned Julia, and whoever the heck the other one is, but they seem pretty decent.
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User Info: Enclosure

4 months ago#2
Not pulling until I get Ayra in my hands.

My friend said I'm being paranoid.

User Info: NintendoLover25

4 months ago#3
I only want to pull for lolis so this banner is easy to skip.

User Info: Awangkuhani

4 months ago#4
Only wanna pull for red flier mage

User Info: Ryu_Hatsuento

4 months ago#5
I tried to pull for Amelia and failed. I tried to pull for Nephenee and Oscar said 'no'. I tried for Axura and that hasn't succeeded. Unless a character is seasonal I no longer have any drive to roll for them.
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User Info: YyAoMmIi

4 months ago#6
Other full pull to go with free summon, easily.

Unlike PA banner which is limited units, all 3 banner units will still be in pull.

Unlike what people say, this isn't power creep.
Sigurd has amazing wall power, but lack attacking power.
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User Info: Blarg143

4 months ago#7
I would have regretted pulling this banner (110 Orbs for a Neutral Sigurd and Deidre, with a Julia thrown in) if I didn't already get super lucky on the PA banner.

As much as people are crying power creep, Sigurd is really just a very solid unit and not a game changer. PA Azura (and Inigo, although his usefulness as a Reinhardt/BLyn counter is less unique with Seals being introduced) is so much more worth it if you don't have her.

User Info: Snow-Dust

4 months ago#8
I've already wasted 300 orbs on dancer banner, I am not going to pull this one after spending 20 ( I have 420 orbs currently, 100% f2p)
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User Info: Izzy1020

4 months ago#9
Refuse to pull on the FE4 banner until I get PA!Olivia

It hurts because I love FE4

User Info: Maximum Taco

Maximum Taco
4 months ago#10

I still have no dancer (other then ordinary Red Olivia)

Until I get a dancer I'm pouring orbs down the PA drain.
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  3. Anybody resisting the urge to pull?

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