What Mobile games do you play aside from Feh?

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User Info: DarknessinZero2

6 months ago#1
Im looking for another game to play when I'm recharging stamina
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User Info: G1ingy

6 months ago#2
Check out Crusaders Quest

User Info: go24k

6 months ago#3
I downloaded Shadowverse two days ago... It is like MTG or HearthStone.

I enjoy it so far... Need to sit down and properly think about deck building over the weekend though.

User Info: -Gekikara-

6 months ago#4
Granblue Fantasy (another gacha with, I think, worse pull rates), Limbo, Inks (pinball) and Bullet Hell Monday (I suck at bullet hell though).
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User Info: KnightLordST

6 months ago#5
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
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User Info: Sceptile01

6 months ago#6
Final Fantasy Record Keeper, it's got a lot to do and can be overwhelming when you start but the gacha is really good and the community here is very helpful.

User Info: Featherine

6 months ago#7
I still play Pokémon Go, but it might as well be a daily chore since I’m just there for daily catching and Pokestop bonuses. I’m also in a difficult position as I can’t drive around this area and go to any Raid battle I please.

I’m never touching anything Type:Moon makes.

User Info: Westy101

6 months ago#8
Literally none, I stopped after trying a few, none were as simple or easy to get into, nor have I been in any since launch, and were as fun as FEH I'll admit.

Featherine posted...
I’m never touching anything Type:Moon makes.

Me neither. That generates more negativity then Gen 5, but I do like me some Gen 5...
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User Info: aldenalden4

6 months ago#9
FE Heroes Wallpapers - http://aldenalden4.imgur.com/

User Info: MagicTurtle

6 months ago#10
None, FEH already takes up too much of my time.
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  3. What Mobile games do you play aside from Feh?

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