5* Units Sitting at Level 1

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User Info: WafflesHotDamn

7 months ago#1
For me, I have a Jakob, Karel, -Atk Hinoka and -Spd Soren

User Info: Jack_Sidharth

7 months ago#2
Jakob, Jaffar(dupe), Tobin, Gray(dupe), Clive, Masked Marth(dupe), Cain, Henry(+spd, -atk lmao), and Clair(-atk, doesn't even hit 40 atk with her weapon).

Clair and Clive, the useless siblings(though hit and run is nice).

User Info: Prost

7 months ago#3
-atk Catria
-atk Ogma
-atk Raven
-spd Soren
-atk +spd S.Robin
-two spring Chroms

User Info: Jack_Sidharth

7 months ago#4
Prost posted...
-atk Catria
-atk Ogma
-atk Raven
-spd Soren
-atk +spd S.Robin
-two spring Chroms

On the bright side, free Brave Axe and Sword. My Cain is waiting to find a good home with WoM3 and Brave Sword+.

User Info: mysteriouslurke

7 months ago#5
Hector, Ephraim, Titania, Soren, Jaffar, Abel.

User Info: Grimmer

7 months ago#6
Clive, Masked Marth, Cain and Tobin. There are others neutered by their nature but still level 40
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User Info: madninja1

7 months ago#7
-atk Lyn
-atk Athena
-spd Katarina
-spd Takumi
-2 Caedas I have with one of them being -atk.
There is only room for one boss...
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User Info: Westy101

7 months ago#8
Clive, "Marth", Karel, and prolly someone else. If they're level 1 an are a 5*, I most likely don't care about them.
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User Info: Suzard

7 months ago#9
Surprisingly a lot. I haven't trained them yet because tempest calls.
-atk athena fodder
-spd karel fodder
S xander
Bow Lyn
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User Info: Volcaniosis

7 months ago#10
-Def +Spd Chrom... spare summer Gaius, Delthea, Masked Marth... that's it I think. I train all my 5* units to 40 because I want to unlock their level 40 conversations in the Pokédex.
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