How do you sort your heroes?

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User Info: henryhill

6 months ago#1
I do rarity, level, then rating. I have it show level so I know who to level up. How do you guys do it?
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User Info: navi854

6 months ago#2
Just Favorite, not advanced options. Some 5* units I don't use. Favorite automatically goes to rarity anyway AFTER hearts
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User Info: Primum_Mobile

6 months ago#3
Just "favorite".

Sometimes "type" when I am looking for fodder to auto-battle to pass the time/use up stamina. But lately I had to resort to "level" for this.

I setup an advance sort before, but I rarely use it, and I forgot what I set it to.

Edit: also use "obtained" sometimes to get to the new trash quickly.
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User Info: mistermikeymike

6 months ago#4
Advanced sort

1: rarity

2: level (displayed)
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User Info: Dunedainsith

6 months ago#5
Favorite, Rarity, Level.
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User Info: MagicTurtle

6 months ago#6
Idk, I always click origin for SI/sending home, and level for anything else.

Rarity when I want to see a bunch of shiny golds line up *q*

User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

6 months ago#7
I have 2 main sorting options.

1) Level. I used to ONLY use this until they made merged 4 stars appear above unmerged 5 stars.

2) Rarity -> Level.

I use the former while training things so I can see their levels without having to check on them individually, and I use the latter when doing challenges like GHB's/Squad Assault/Etc Etc so that my random 4 star merges don't appear above my 5 stars.

I also sort by HM during Tempest and daily Arena Assaults.
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User Info: Maximum Taco

Maximum Taco
6 months ago#8
Favourites, Rarity, Level
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User Info: MrCactuar

6 months ago#9
Level > Rarity > Type
Really the most important thing for me is sorting by type, but this setup makes it easy for me to sort units for teambuilding and leveling while also having the rarities sorted nicely.
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User Info: Ven1399

6 months ago#10
1. Favourite
2. Rarity
3. Level
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