Your Most hated FE characters of all time

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User Info: tottenhamfan

8 months ago#1

Cordelia and Delthea top my list
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User Info: Zeloetta

8 months ago#2
Chrom, Tharja, Corrin, Xander

Pretty much anyone from Awakening. I hate pretty much the whole cast.
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User Info: Pompous_Badger

8 months ago#4
Xander, Takumi.... hell, Fates characters in general. But most especially those two.

Micaiah, as well. Hypocritical attempted child-murder and blame-shifting dumbass. No, I will never under any circumstances forgive her for that plan. Hell, even Sothe called her out on that bulls*** (but went along with it anyway cause reasons).
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User Info: RenamonFOX

8 months ago#5
Ooh. excessively negative vent threads! I love these!

I have intense hatred for Lucina, Camilla, and Azura. Impossible figures on girls that try to call attention elsewhere by being tropey, one dimensional characters whose next line you can always recite prior to seeing it.
"You want a girl who is not obsessed with her looks, but is insanely hot".

For similar reasons to above, I dislike Lyn and Mia (How is she not in this game yet?). They're still irritating stick figures with perfect breasts, but much better personalities.

Characters I dislike without any assistance from pre-existing bias?
Takumi. Settle down, Sasuke. Nobody cares.
Joshua. This story's been done to death.
Adult Tiki. Her story is a pity party without the self pitying attitude.

Characters I DO like?
Owain. MY SWORD HAND TWITCHES! If I hadn't already married Libra in my first game, and Henry in my second, I never would have married either of them. This guy is husbando material^9001
Joshua's Hat. Hate the guy, love his hat.
Young Tiki. Now this was cute. "MAR-MAR"~
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User Info: Eldigan

8 months ago#6
Hate is a strong word but I despice Xander after the Conquest Route which is weird since I enjoyed him in Birthright.

I just realized since Valter is coming soon I can say that I hate him now.

Valter is basically the love child of Tharja and Peri with some Possesed Garon thrown in to the mix.

Think Eirika as Robin (m) and Valter as Tharja but Valter more as "I want you as my prey" kind of guy.
"That moment you realized until Valter shows up, there are more Xanders in this game than the entire SS cast" - Warhydra

User Info: Renkencen

8 months ago#7
I probably get alot of hate for this but I say well typing out Micah from Path of Radiance.

One of the reason why I didn't finish that game was her campaign. I found it hard to follow the protagonist whose view her nation did nothing wrong and view the previous protagonist (Ike) as the villain! Ok sure I didn't liked Ike either but I know he's the hero in the first game.

User Info: papastalin

8 months ago#8
Conquest path Azura, Corrin, and Xander are all irredeemable idiots.

User Info: Jack_Sidharth

8 months ago#9
Anyone from PoR or RD that isn't Sanaki. Thankfully IS seems to not want to add many of them.

User Info: ViewtifulGene

8 months ago#10
Odin and Owain. A character needs a better gimmick than mental disability.
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