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  3. What did you get from your free summon?

User Info: eternalmetal

1 year ago#161
5* Roy (+atk -hp)

Wanted to summon from green, but hey, free 5* :)

User Info: Lucaskart

1 year ago#162
I used the free pull and +15 orbs so I got 3 four stars 1 three star and +RES -SPD Cecilia
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User Info: Lavendermoon

1 year ago#163
3* Beruka

User Info: Crispy_Chikin

1 year ago#164
4* Lon'qu. Then immediately got a 5* Roy after that. Sheesh, this banner is generous. Also, for some reason I keep getting Triangle Adept users.


Two more summons left...better be good :/
Mmm yum yum.

User Info: RadiantGod

1 year ago#165
4* Catria.
Creating a 40 +10 1* Wrys, AKA the greatest FE Heroes meme.

User Info: RenamonFOX

1 year ago#166
Torr posted...

Pull strictly greens for a while. You'll get her.


It doesn't seem that way, sometimes.
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User Info: cHickzc

1 year ago#167
3* Arthur. I already have a Cecilia and Lilina anyway
PSN: SovereignVasilis

User Info: MrFuzz111

1 year ago#168
Wanted a 5* Roy, for his dad at 4* instead.
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User Info: Lark

1 year ago#169
4* -Atk/+HP Eliwood

User Info: Gatrie04

1 year ago#170
5 Star Marth +res -spd
GT/PSN: Gatrie04
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  3. What did you get from your free summon?
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