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  3. Any one here purposely skipping the new Echoes Banners?

User Info: Model-OX

1 year ago#11
Only ones that seem worthwhile are Mathilda for Cancel Affinity and Grey for Sword Valor.....and Mayyybe Delthea for her tome. So basically, Just pull from Alm's banner.
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User Info: SurMa

1 year ago#12
Sword infantry, blue mage, green mage, blue horse, archer... I already have good units for each of those. I need some green fodder so I may throw some orbs at Sonya, but otherwise I'm probably not going to go hard for any of them, as much as I like Sonya and Mathilda.

User Info: Brady672_AT_fan

1 year ago#13
I have the exact opposite problem.

I want all of them. Wo Dao mage, omgwtf buff mage, sword Valor, Matilda (best echoes waifu obvi), and Saber (best daddy obvi)

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User Info: Lavendermoon

1 year ago#14
Dalthine posted...
I no longer spend orbs on anything except event banners, so I won't be pulling.

All of these units will be put in normal rotation one way or another afterwards so there's still a chance to get them elsewhere. Event units are gone for at least a year when the banner expires.

I am speaking more from the mindset of a collector than someone who wants only the best stuff to win, though.

Same with me. I already put money and orbs into the summer banner and don't plan on spending anymore cash.I'd rather save my orbs for the next limited event banner since these units can always be pulled at some point. Plus I have already gotten most of the units I want in the game like Azura, Linde, Hector, Ike, etc. I rather collect the limited characters now.

User Info: BasedKira

1 year ago#15
Go ahead and skip, I'll be having fun giving delthea's henchmen +9 attack turn 1 =]

User Info: GG_Sunny

1 year ago#16
digitalstarry posted...
Good god, does every banner with good units on it have to be a trap banner these days?

This so much. Every time a new banner is announced "Oh no it's a bait! Save your orbs, something REALLY good is coming!" Just because it happened ONCE, for a special holiday in Japan.

The only banner that could possibly come out that would be better than what we're getting now is a banner featuring Reinhardt's #1 counter, Julia. Getting a unit that guarantees I'd never have to worry about him again is the best banner ever.
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User Info: Ex_Zeo

1 year ago#17
BasedKira posted...
Go ahead and skip, I'll be having fun giving delthea's henchmen +9 attack turn 1 =]

I saw her real quick and was very interested. After seeing both videos I knew she'd be the one I want most but didn't notice her tome. I recalled the other mage having a green tome but wasn't sure on her. I hoped she was a red mage so I'd pull but being a blue mage I just can't. With Rein, Linde and my lack of good Red fodder because of Azura sniping I don't think I'll be pulling for her.
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User Info: Okigen

1 year ago#18
Yeah, I may skip this one because none of them can fit into my team properly. If only the tomes are inheritable!

User Info: Arthellinus

1 year ago#19
As F2P, I see absolutely no reason to pull for anything other than limited time units or Hero Fest rates.

User Info: RenamonFOX

1 year ago#20
Delthea wants me to open my wallet for her, and I just might. I only have about 100 orbs left.
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