When did you quit the Tempest of Trials?

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User Info: Jinkuro

8 months ago#1
Sometimes it's just not worth it. - Results (268 votes)
30k Free 5* and Goodbye.
22.01% (59 votes)
50k Seal is all I needed.
42.54% (114 votes)
60k Just wanted one summon.
4.48% (12 votes)
70k Another summon wouldn't hurt.
2.99% (8 votes)
80k Gotta use that pity %~
1.49% (4 votes)
90k Orb hoarding FTW~
1.49% (4 votes)
99,999 No pain, no gain. So much pain........
8.58% (23 votes)
16.42% (44 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I'm reaching 80k and I'm done. This is getting too much even for a dude who completed the master quest in flyff. Ridiculous yo!

When did you decide enough is enough?
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User Info: VivaChiba

8 months ago#2
I wanted to once I got 5* Marcina, but my crappy luck means I now need 70 to scrape together another 20 orbs to try for a new unit at 4%.

I'm sooooo tempted to stop at 50k though (and I still haven't beaten the Lunatic Legion).

User Info: mokorusmania

8 months ago#3
I just reached 50k today and I will stop at 60k. So tempted to stop now as I found TT has been way too grindy for my liking

User Info: CyberDragon10K

8 months ago#4
Got my QP last night. Going to stop bothering with this game for the next while, outside of the daily shards/crystals and login bonuses... want to do something else for a change.
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

8 months ago#5
I stopped after getting all the orbs, so I could level new units and grind SP for s*** not suited to Tempest.

I fell out of the top 1000 and don't want to grind my way back.
"Once again, ViewtifulGene's logic blows minds and crushes dreams." -TheGamingGolfer
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User Info: SurMa

8 months ago#6
I'm at 103k and still going, mainly to grind SP and HM on a bunch of different characters. Already maxed out the HM of 11 different characters over this last week and a half. If I rank in the top 1000 by the end of it, that's swell too.

User Info: TsuRyu

8 months ago#7
Was planning on getting 99.999 points and stopping since the sane thing to do would be to do just that.

BUT NO, there are some crazy guys (at least another 5 not counting me) that want to push the freaking envelope, so here I am, grinding at 100k points because this score doesn't net the 1k rank lol

User Info: igorx06

8 months ago#8
still 7k to go till 50k. I don't even want the stupid thing I just cant stop at this point lol.

User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

8 months ago#9
I need to get my ass in gear and get quickened pulse, but ugh... I just have no drive to do this crap anymore. Heh, and I thought the grinding events in FFBE could get really bad... >_>

I am going to stop at 50k though.
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User Info: iahuastom

8 months ago#10
There is no need to quit the trials for me, it is such a good place to grind for HM and especially for SP.
Also very nice for leveling mid lvl30's on that 5 battle hard map.
I max leveled SI for my Athena and she is ready to rock & roll in next arena season.

As a bonus I'm still in rank top 1000 for 10k feathers =)
If i had more time to play I would have used all my stamina pots to grind for SP on secondary teams.
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