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  3. Should I try to summon Reinhardt, Tharja, or New Mystery units?

User Info: SteelWingKnight

1 year ago#1
Which focus should I summon for? - Results (51 votes)
58.82% (30 votes)
17.65% (9 votes)
New Mystery
23.53% (12 votes)
This poll is now closed.
After the bridal banner disaster, I still have about 50 orbs left.

Which of the two is more useful?

If I get Reinhardt, I could do Horse Emblem. But my only 5* horse is Eldigan, so it would cost be 60k feathers to promote Xander, Camus, and Cecilia - so it's expensive.

Tharja on the other hand could fit in well for just about any team, that Blade tome + Dashing Blow are great, and I don't have any good red mages.

Reinhardt is on a 3 unit banner and the only blue focus... While Tharja is on a 4 unit banner and shares the red focus with Lucina, who is alright but wouldn't do much for me.

I'm tempted to go for Rein but I'd like some more opinions.

Or should I forego both of them and go for reds on the new banner? Katarina and Athena seem like solid units, though I think Rein and Tharja would be better.
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User Info: Innocence-

1 year ago#2
Katarina is built just like Tharja with less HP/DEF but more RES either could work with Blade tomes.

Reinhardt can be an instant upgrade though, since he works without horse emblem and needs very little SI for the most part.
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User Info: Alessar

1 year ago#3
Or you could pull on the Mystery banner and get Tharja! ^_^;; So many reds after all.

User Info: Lavendermoon

1 year ago#4
I would definitely try for Reinhardt. He's a very good unit to own, especially if you lack a good blue mage. Plus like you said he's the only blue focus unit so better odds.

User Info: mistermikeymike

1 year ago#5
No option to save orbs.

New mystery units look meh though firesweep lance seems potentially op. Athena doesn't compare well to top swords. Red cav doesn't compare well vs xander. Red mage is tharja missing her blade tome and blue cav seems like the fs lance is kinda op
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User Info: Suzard

1 year ago#6
I agree. Save the orbs. Rein isn't worth pulling for if you get a s*** nature like -atk and the only other unit on that banner that looks good is Gordin for b+ fodder.

User Info: mistermikeymike

1 year ago#7
Im more of the opinion that you should pull for good 5* exclusives if you're f2p. Things like reinhardt are pullable at 4.

Current banner is trash though
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User Info: digitalstarry

1 year ago#8
If you lack a blue mage, have Death Blow, and optimally the Pulse seal get Reinhardt. He doesn't need Horse Emblem to shine and he's great with any IV set that isn't Atk bane.
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User Info: Ex_Zeo

1 year ago#9
Rein is such an OP hero. He has made tempest so much easier. I got lucky with a plus attack but I'm sure he'll help in any variation. Especially if he's 5* out the gate. My Rein has over 3000 SP since Tempest. Too bad he can't give it to other units.
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