Would you send home a 5*?

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User Info: Crusher063

11 months ago#1
I'm itching to get my feathers to 20K to upgrade Effie and merge to complete my Armor Emblem team. Would you send home a 5* Maria to get there? Or any 5* for that matter?

User Info: darkknight39

11 months ago#2
no. id never send home 5* i just send a bunch of 3-4* back home.
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User Info: 900cam

11 months ago#3
Only if I find them useless as a unit, with nothing to offer for skill inheritance and I need feathers. I don't think I've sent home any 5 star yet though

User Info: cHickzc

11 months ago#4
I couldn't do it. I rarely pull 5* characters, so I couldn't send one home. I'd merge or inherit from a duplicate, though.
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User Info: Nathanmg

11 months ago#5
Only if:

a) The unit would literally never get used.

b) You don't care about having a complete roster (or as close to it as possible).

c) It has no inheritance fodder potential.

Generally speaking though, b) doesn't apply to me so I never would.
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

11 months ago#6
I have seriously considered sending home my -ATK, 5* Merric a few times. I literally have never used him outside of level 1 cheesing round one of the last gauntlet.

-ATK Merric is categorically irredeemable in combat and he has no salvagable skills to donate.
"Once again, ViewtifulGene's logic blows minds and crushes dreams." -TheGamingGolfer
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User Info: 17Master

11 months ago#7
I cannot think of a character available at 5* that has no skills worth passing, so no.
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User Info: Machineton

11 months ago#8
1: Sending home a 5* does not reap the requisite feathers back for the value you gave up.

2: 5* units carry skills at that level and those skills are more valuable than the feathers you just got.

3: Seriously, do you still have to consider this?

4: You are a goddamn whale, aren't you?

Long story short, if you are just waiting to upgrade a unit, just wait for the bloody feathers.

User Info: Heranu

11 months ago#9
I got a -Atk +Spd ogma a long while back and like hell and I sending him home for a measly 1000 feathers, or was it 500? I forgot.
Anyways, in ogma's case he's also an easy BS+ passer should I ever feel the need to
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User Info: bululudo

11 months ago#10
no whale here thinks about my 2x stinky chroms 5* :( (last one pulled trying to get ike on focus and the .... came with +atk)
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