What unit type annoys you the most in the stratums?

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  3. What unit type annoys you the most in the stratums?

User Info: Suzard

10 months ago#1
For me it's the mage cavaliers. It's hard to judge the range of those guys sometimes and they often hit really hard. Super annoying.

User Info: venkisaragi

10 months ago#2

User Info: AntiAir

10 months ago#3
I personally hate the c***er maps like the stupid maze and the stupid 8-5 map moreso than the enemies, but I'll just go and say either the specific Armors or the specific Pegasi with superhigh defensive stat that the unit I'm training simply can't hope to pierce.
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User Info: Enulf

10 months ago#4
I'd say it's more of a weapon type that I hate: brave weapons. Not to mention random skills that I forget to check for, but I train units a lot and even spend orbs on stamina, so I'm often lazy and don't check skills or weapons...braves have led to quite a few unexpected deaths for me.
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User Info: Anazel

10 months ago#5
Some healers and brave bows.

User Info: venkisaragi

10 months ago#6
Also armored unit with wings of mercy

User Info: gotohades

10 months ago#7
It's not a type so much since the tower seems to know exactly who I'm trying to level and in response gives me units that either have inflated defense or resistance to directly counter them. For me it's any unit that has Wings of Mercy. I swear that skill catches me off guard every single time someone has it.
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User Info: DivideR

10 months ago#8
Generally a random guy with wings of mercy that manages to screw you over.

User Info: Atmaboy

10 months ago#9
Bow Cavalry and Mage Cavalry
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User Info: Enoemaa

10 months ago#10
Definitely archers. There are a whole lot of different archers that are way too good in one way or another on higher stratums.
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  3. What unit type annoys you the most in the stratums?

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