This GHB is really tought without a decent 5* mage

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  3. This GHB is really tought without a decent 5* mage

User Info: Atmaboy

11 months ago#1
Up till now I've skated through most GHBs with 4* mages or kagerou, but I think I've finally been exposed, at least for Lunatic. Has anyone managed to beat him without a 5* mage (or a fine-tuned skill inherited team). I might just upgrade my 4* neutral nino, even though I was waiting for better IVs.

Oh and Faye is more useless than I ever imagined on this map -___-
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User Info: Nidtendofreak

11 months ago#2
Its been beaten with a full 3* team.
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User Info: Ex_Zeo

11 months ago#3
I did.

4* Nino +speed/- defense
4* Olivia neutral
5* Sharena Neutral
5* Jaffar +Attack/-speed

Though to be fair my Nino has a few sweet skills inherited. Sharena has 1 skill inherited.
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User Info: Jack_Sidharth

11 months ago#4
You should be able to beat it with a dancer and a mage or 2. Just make sure you can safely bait and kill the 2 enemy mages with yours, and then you can kite the armor units for the rest of the map.

User Info: darkknight39

11 months ago#5
that Japanese used a 3* mage. also just a blade tome user with full buffs should be enough if you have dancer support ( used Ursula 4* with odins tome + support of Gunter +Jagen for buffs and a dancer)
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User Info: The UnLucky Cat

The UnLucky Cat
11 months ago#6
Blade tome, takumi, kagero, nowi, pretty much any ranged unit with a dancer
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User Info: rogueoftime

11 months ago#7
I used two mages and one was 5*, but technically I could've gotten away with a 3*.
5* Hector (DEF+ / SPD-) (Bonfire) (Distant Counter / Renewal 1 / Threaten ATK 3)
5* Leo (RES+ / DEF-) (Rally Attack) (--- / Quick Riposte 1 / Spur ATK 2)
4* Robin (DEF+ / SPD-) (Bonfire) (Triangle Adept 2 / Quick Riposte 1 / ---)
4* Azama (DEF+ / SPD-) (Mend) (Imbue) (--- / --- / Spur DEF 2)

I basically had my 4* Robin step up into range of the Red Mage, used 5* Leo to Rally Attack / Spur ATK boost Robin, then moved Hector one unit to the right (from the leftmost position) and left Azama at his start point at the far right. None of the other units moved, the Red Mage just came out, attacked Robin, and then on the second turn I finished him off with Robin.

I don't remember the exact turn order from there, but I basically had Hector take one step Up and then had him tank the Blue Mage. He killed the Blue Mage in one turn, so I put Azama on him to heal him. Zephiel stepped forward FIRST (multiple playthroughs the other Knights went first) and the other Knights stayed behind Zephiel and wouldn't come forward. I then maneuvered my Leo to the left of Hector and kept Robin next to Azama (Robin wasn't full health yet) and let Zephiel hit Hector with his Retribution strike when his health was high. Then I waited another turn and Zephiel hit Hector with a normal hit, which ready'd his next Retribution but his health was starting to get low from taking Hector counterattacks.

After that, I sent Robin in and Leo, and they both blasted Zephiel to oblivion. Then I had Hector finish him off and Azama healed Hector back to nearly full health. Hector easily solo'd the remaining axe knight and lance knight. The Threaten ATK+ from Hector and Spur DEF 2 from Azama helped tremendously.

User Info: Amira

11 months ago#8
No mages for me. Although Nowi kinda counts, I suppose.
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User Info: navi854

11 months ago#9
My Nino was level 34, 4 stars with no inheritance.
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User Info: ShinigamiMiroku

11 months ago#10
Soon as I get Reinhardt to 40, I should be able to at least dent most of the units here...

I doubt I'll be getting Loony mode done, though.
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  3. This GHB is really tought without a decent 5* mage

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