Did you get what you wanted out of the Wyvern/Pegasus banners?

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User Info: Forbster

11 months ago#11
2 copies of who I was aiming for plus another Linde.
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User Info: Ramesses2

11 months ago#12
No, I didn't T.T

User Info: Xuxon

11 months ago#13
i spent like 150 orbs sniping blues on pegasus banner and only got Abel

User Info: sanicek

11 months ago#14
Between the Spring and flier banners I got Hinoka, Camilla, Cordelia and Spring Camilla 5*s. dunno exact orb numbers, over 100 for sure.

Was pretty lucky, after 2nd gauntlet round I had like 13 orbs or something, no MInerva and only 4* Camilla at 40. Was contemplating promoting her to have lvl 1 for cheeze. Decided to pull green orbs to see if a miracle happens and I get either one of them. Tadaaa +atk 5* Camilla in 2nd green orb. thx rngesus

User Info: GuerillaGorilla

11 months ago#15
I wanted to roll Pegasus banner but didn't get a chance because I still don't have my Bunmilla.
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User Info: BipBapBam

11 months ago#16
I've only been pulling blues on the spring banner for Lucy. Haven't gotten s*** tho.
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User Info: WiiGotLove

11 months ago#17
Poll doesn't mention Navarre banner. I got Hinoka, but I pulled her from the Navarre banner.

User Info: Atmaboy

11 months ago#18
I would've loved to go after Tiamo and Hinoka, but Spring Banner ate all my orbs with little to show for it >_<
"Because...justice?" - Arthur

User Info: deoxyscyclone

11 months ago#19
Still don't have a Minerva... But I got two Camilla, a Beruka, a spare Cherche, Hinoka, two Cordelia, a Subaki and a Palla.

I mostly wanted a Camilla to feed to my previous Cherche, Hinoka, and Cordelia. Sadly, Hinoka and Cordelia don't have great IVs... :\
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User Info: gartorh

11 months ago#20
Pulled from spring and fail and pulled from the event banner and get kagero with good IV tough she is 4*. Wanted hinoka and Cherche but no orbs (alredy got a +atk cherche that i just promote to 5* but i could have save 20.000 feathers).
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  3. Did you get what you wanted out of the Wyvern/Pegasus banners?

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