Ever have soul crushing regret after a summoning session?

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User Info: Nehpets700

11 months ago#1
I like Ike. I've been saving for Ike. Yet the urge to summon really struck me today. I had 170 orbs saved up.
My first session was disappointing. So I went for another. I then got a 5 star...but it was Jacob, and I have a Kagero already, so it was naturally disappointing. I decided I didn't wanna feel like I wasted 40 orbs for no reason so I kept going. And kept going. And after awhile, I got yet another 5 star. Another Kagero. I was then left with 50 orbs.
I'm so sorry, Ike. I'm so sorry.
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User Info: Atmaboy

11 months ago#2
Some one at Nintendo is wringing their hands and cackling deviously. But seriously, this is a problem. The luck requirement, even to pull focus units, is very high and getting saddled with duplicates and fodder after saving up orbs for months is libel to get people to quit. I came pretty close to uninstalling after I got nothing I wanted from spring banner. I'm going to stick with it a while longer to see if my luck turns around. At least till Ike comes around (though I'll probably throw all my orbs at a summer bikini banner if that happens first >_<.
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User Info: takustar

11 months ago#3
Depends. If I bought the orbs wanted a character I usually full of regret and swear its the last time. Free orbs I use not expecting anything
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User Info: ChingTheMonkey

11 months ago#4
Yep. There was that one time I got 4 Donnels.
And another time where I got 3 Subakis
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User Info: HayashiTakara

11 months ago#5
waiting for ike is a waste of time, he won't be out for another 5 to 6 months
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User Info: Graywolf_d_45th

11 months ago#6
I saved up over 200 something orbs that I was going to use for Ike because I wanted to get Xander.

I spent them all

On my first roll, on the first orb, I got Chrom.
But the only one I wanted was Xander...
A couple more summons later and I eventually got Camilla.
But the only one I wanted was Xander...
Blue orbs upon Blue orbs, and all the pegasus knights I could ever need
But the only one I wanted was Xander...
On my last legs, I was left with only a small few orbs.
One last summon was available to me.
I've gotten this far already; there's no point in stopping now. I thought
A blue orb. My last bastion
With a gitty smile I tapped the orb
The summon animation; It was a four star. No! Five stars!
I closed my eyes in anticipation.
When I opened them; I had seen that I had done it.
A lance user.
And it was 5 stars.
But alas. It was only

But the only one I wanted was Xander...
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User Info: suneit

11 months ago#7
Agreed with Takustar. Do you spend any money? if not, then you are ok.

The urge is real. It is good that you've hold up until now.
I've spent too much already.
I have my share of frustration and regret. My experience is similar. I got another azura while I already have Azura. I felt like Nintendo/IS is teasing my wallet by giving same 5*... And remember the pity rate goes back to 3%...

So just give up hope (suggested by other member), then you ll get a good pull (you'll be a lot happier).
Good luck for the next 50 orbs.

I am originally F2P then P2P, now I am already W2P lol
They know what they are doing...

I don't mind to support good game though
I would rather support so they don't stop the service.
I've paid a phone game before and after 2 month the game is no longer exist. all the money is gone.

User Info: awesome105

11 months ago#8
4.25% odds on both respective 5* chances

Roll colorless on last few orbs

5* Sakura

Just another situational, non-versatile 5* unit to add to my collection
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User Info: suneit

11 months ago#9
to Awesome,

I got 5* Sakura as well 2 days ago (already have lv 36 4* Sakura). lol
I think She is very useful.

I am training her just in case reinforcement mission someday (well, situational).

She is actually my best trainer to level up my other 5* to Lv 40. She can take hits as well.
If there is no Wry's stupid mission. I will inherit Wry's skill to her.

User Info: Sarioc

11 months ago#10
I only regret pulling when I don't get a character I want
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