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  3. Just Pulled Bunny-cina!!! (Thread about horrible IVs)

User Info: iJefe

1 year ago#1
Got two 5* in the same summon! Bunny-cina and Xander (meh)...

That's where the excitement ended, and the usual disappointment took over.

Bunny Lucina (+res/-spd)
Xander (+res/-atk)

This fits my 5* trend perfectly:

Takumi (+res/-atk)
Abel (+spd/-atk)
YTiki (+def/-atk)
Raven1 (+spd/-atk)
Raven2 (+def/-atk)
Effie (+def/-atk)
Jaffar (+hp/-atk)

Or some of my "less bad" ones:
Karel(x2) (+atk/-spd)
M!Corrin (+spd/-def)
Rebecca (+atk/-spd)
Cordelia (+res/-def)
Hinoka (+res/-def)

I've got some pretty high tier characters, but the stat variances on most of them leave them virtually unusable. Anyone else have this same issue? I've really been struggling to put together cohesive teams for arena.

User Info: g0dofwar7

1 year ago#2
Nothing wrong with that Effie! Give her the carrot!

User Info: HayashiTakara

1 year ago#3
I am so sorry
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User Info: touhyui

1 year ago#4
Better than nothing!

User Info: MrVaidd

1 year ago#5
i legit JUST pulled my first bunny lucina with +res/-atk lol
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User Info: Freyja_

1 year ago#6
mcorrins ivs are good! =) hes the only one.. sorry!

User Info: Lavendermoon

1 year ago#7
I have 2 bunny Lucina with the same stats. +hp/-spd. Also pulled a 5 star Kagero from the same session as the 2nd Lucina. She's +spd/-atk. I guess I'll be using feathers for my 4 star Kagero (forgot her stats but they're better than the 5 star). As for Bunny Lucina she still does pretty good for me so far despite the low speed. I'm happy to have her at least.

User Info: iJefe

1 year ago#8
I kinda like the idea of giving the Carrot to Effie, although I'm hesitant to feed off a unique 5* even if bad (I do admit Effie is very good even with a bad stat variance, just because she's naturally good).

But yeah, it seems like if I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any at all. I've got a few 3* and 4* that have decent variances, but they are waiting on feathers. Really having to be super selective of who I upgrade since I can't rely on my 5* pulls at all.

User Info: Jinkuro

1 year ago#9
RNG is so evil yo. So glad i find blue tomes nigh useless. Unless it's Linde. Good luck everybody else~
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User Info: ArmedTool

1 year ago#10
Wow, and I thought I had bad luck on IVs. So sorry man.
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