most overpowered fire emblem ability?

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User Info: Atmaboy

10 months ago#11
Sol and Nosferatu was my favorite OP combo in Awakening. Turned any mage into a tank as long as they could survive one hit.
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User Info: GuiltyLove

10 months ago#12
Darkdragoon324 posted...
f***ing FE4 Great Shield.

That stupid skill seemed to activate every other turn against a boss... ugh
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User Info: Enclosure

10 months ago#13
Wasn't Larcei or someone able to get potentially something like 30 attacks in one round?
I know I've personally had double Astra proc on Ayra for 10 hits in a row.

User Info: e4_c5_Nf3_e6

10 months ago#14
Armsthrift with 50 luck was what made Awakening a total steamroll. Lets you use double bow forever and helped me beat Apotheosis.

User Info: HayashiTakara

10 months ago#15
Apothesis Anna

uh.... right skill....

Everything Apothesis Anna had.
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User Info: blasster

10 months ago#16
Awakening Galeforce.
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User Info: RadiantGod

10 months ago#17
KenshinX13 posted...
Astra's pretty mean, far from broken but it was REALLY MEAN if Robin had it with Ignis and you had a chance to activate ignis EVERY SWING (if memory serves)

I'm sorry. What does this even mean?

You can't activate Astra and Ignis simultaneously.
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User Info: Reimys

10 months ago#18
Armsthrift op with the lack of inherent tradeoffs weapons in Awakening had because it wasn't balanced around unbreakable weapons like Fates.

Armsthrift really op. Awakening was a broken mess of a game in so many respects I guess, between Celica's Gale cheese and Nosferatu cheese...

Canto a la Tellius games was pretty cool.
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